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So close!

I’m not doing so well this week – everything hurts and the slightest thing is an effort, so I will be off to bed in a minute, but as Christmas cheer is slowly taking over, I couldn’t not post about it 🙂

It’s so nearly December and therefore so nearly Christmas! I am sure I’m driving Jon mad with my excitement already, so goodness knows if we’ll still be married by Christmas! This the first year that he has full on experienced my seasonal excitement (I did well to marry him first) and I’m not quite sure he had prepared himself! Everything about Christmas just makes me happy; the music, the present buying, the carols, the lights, just the whole atmosphere. So the advent calendar has been bought, the decorations will be bought tomorrow and then the tree on Saturday morning. From then on, I shall be in full on five year old mode until 25th. God help anyone or anything that gets in my way…..



Have a cat instead

Yoga night, plus a long and meh day at work mean I am too tired to blog tonight. Instead, why don’t you enjoy a picture of this mildly terrifying yoga practicing cat 😀



ME/CFS in the media

ME/CFS in the media

My auntie texted me this evening to tell me about an article on ME in the Telegraph (click the link above!), so I thought I’d go see if it was available online, since I am very out of the habit of buying actual papers! I’m always dubious about articles in the media as they’re generally there to provoke a reaction, although not being written by a Daily Mail journalist, I figured I stood half a chance with this one. And right I was. A lot of the science baffles me (it never was my strong point-I consult the scientist husband for these needs), but any article that helps dispel the myth that ME/CFS is all in the mind is a good one in my book, not least because I often wonder if I’m making all this up myself, but more about that another time.

The article was a winner when I first saw the wonderfully cute dog in the article’s image tbh, followed by then seeing that the article was written by Dr Charles Shepherd. It didn’t take much research into ME at the beginning to find that he is somewhat of a prominent figure in the field, not least because he’s an ME sufferer himself. Essentially though, he just seems like a very normal person and is someone who makes a lot of sense. Yes the science baffles me, but the things he talks about, the “plodding along”, pacing yourself and listening to your body all make a lot of sense. It’s also one of the first articles I’ve read (in mainstream media at least) that mentions the plethora of other symptoms that can form part of ME/CFS. Yes I’m tired all the time, and yes my muscles ache on a near daily basis, but I also have food intolerances, half of which don’t seem to follow a pattern, and consequently a stomach that reacts at the drop of a hat to things it doesn’t like. I also suffer temperature issues all the time (something which earned me the nickname “lizard”) and I am either so cold I’ve got blue fingernails or so hot that I’m sweating like the proverbial. None of these effects are particular attractive, but it’s nice to read an article that doesn’t gloss over these things, which can be just as annoying as the tiredness itself.

I know there will always be people, doctors included, who don’t really believe ME/CFS exists, but I’m reassured by people like Dr Shepherd who are there to fight our corner and might just change one person’s view on the subject, which is good enough for me for now 🙂

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It is officially Christmas

I have watched Love Actually for the first time this year, therefore it is now Christmas, or at least I can legitimiately start to get excited. Once December hits, I will be like an excitable child and there may possibly be Christmas tree buying next weekend 😀

In more mundane news, Pilates was good today. I had to fight a bit to get out of bed and consequently was nearly late (a running theme in my life!), but it was worth it and I do feel good for it. This week I’ve found that I hurt less, but that I am more tired. I lasted until about 8pm and then everything became effort. Still, I’m sure it must be doing me some good. It certainly justified the cake I had this afternoon and that’s good enough for me!

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Driving round in circles

An up and down sort of day today really. I feel as though I’ve spent most of the day driving to, from and round Wycombe, although in reality we were done by lunch time as the garage finished Jon’s car earlier than expected. It’s still a rubbish journey to do in the rain though, since the garage isn’t actually in Wycombe itself, but about 20 minutes out the other side. Still, it gave me a good excuse to do some more Christmas shopping and see the lovely Amy briefly 🙂

There was then supposed to be an unexpected Shell for the evening, but sadly bad weather thwarted that plan, so I’ll just have to wait another week to see her 😦 So instead of spending my evening giggling and gossiping, I dropped in on Mum, I’ve been cooked a lovely dinner by Jon and I am now curled up on the sofa with a good book. More subdued than planned, but still nice.

Tomorrow morning brings Pilates again. I am actually knackered at the very thought of it, but I think it’ll make me feel better. It’s somewhat frustrating at the moment as on the one hand I know I need to exercise to help the ME, but until I get my clinic referral (there’s an ME clinic in Aylesbury, who knew?!), I don’t really know how much is too much and how long I should give it before deciding it’s too much or too little. I listen to my body as much as I can, but when it just wants to sleep all the time anyway, it’s hard to know when to listen and when to ignore it!

Anyway, enough thoughts of moving and exercise. Back to the book and the Terry’s chocolate orange, which seems to have somehow made its way into my lap…


Some things will never change

After a very long (and quite dull) day at work, I spent the evening in the company of my girlfriends from school. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by or how different we all are, we never run out of things to talk about and they never fail to cheer me up. Even though I will be shattered tomorrow, it will have been worth every giggle 🙂

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Pitter Patter Raindrop


Lying in bed, listening to the wind and rain outside…bliss 🙂 Well, almost bliss, I’m also listening to the sound of Jon killing things on the PC but it’s almost perfect! I could sit and listen to rain for hours, there’s something very calming about the sound of it as it hits the ground that I’ve always loved since being a child. If I know I can come back to cosy house and a hot bath then I like to go walking in it too. Maybe not tonight though!

Today has been a better day than expected. I woke up this morning, after about two hours sleep, all ready to text Chris and tell him I wasn’t coming in. I have no idea why I didn’t sleep well yesterday, especially as I was so tired, but sleep very much eluded me last night and consequently I woke up feeling like death. Everything ached and I just felt like a couldn’t move, no matter how hard I tried. Pride won out though (I just can’t bring myself to call in sick cos I’m “tired”) and after making myself get up and shower, I did actually feel much better. Work was good, busier than the last few days which is great for making the time go quicker, and I was even awake enough to go do some Christmas shopping in town. Shockingly, aside from hair gel and some essential make up, I didn’t spend everything on me and have actually ended up with a few presents bought! Now I can feel smug, relax, and then panic again come the 23rd December when I realise I’ve done no more shopping and actually only have about 4 presents bought, but never mind, it’s a start! Went to Mum’s afterwards for tea and chilling, which was lovely as always and just what I needed after a hard hours’ shopping, and then headed home to write more of the millions of thank you letters that I’m working through from the wedding. I’ll get there in the end!

So yes, the moral of the story today is that getting up and throwing yourself in the shower does actually make the day more bearable, or something like that! Time now though to drift off to sleep to the sound of the rain….

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A little retail therapy….

… clearly the answer. That and a nap before dinner! I hurt from head to foot this evening and everytime I move I swear everything creaks. Still, due to the wonders of online shopping I now have two new pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes heading my way. Coupled with the tail, the horns and the beautiful wings I bought yesterday, I will look like this for the New Years Party 😀

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The effects of yoga…

Ok this is when I feel it. Mentally I feel good from yoga and aside from a slightly twisted wrist, I feel ok physically. However getting out of bed this morning was almost impossible. It makes me realise that I’ve been okish over the last couple of weeks but today was tough. I just couldn’t make myself move until I was running late. Fingers crossed it doesn’t have this effect every week cos otherwise this exercise malarky is going to be somewhat counterproductive 😦


So I can’t quite get my legs round the back of my neck yet…

…but one yoga class and I feel pretty damn good. I am unsurprisingly not as bendy as I was when I was 18 and last doing regular yoga, but I feel nice and relaxed 🙂 Sadly I now don’t have enough energy to cook dinner, which is a shame as I’m starving!

Deep beaths…one…two…three….

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