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ME/CFS in the media

on November 26, 2012

ME/CFS in the media

My auntie texted me this evening to tell me about an article on ME in the Telegraph (click the link above!), so I thought I’d go see if it was available online, since I am very out of the habit of buying actual papers! I’m always dubious about articles in the media as they’re generally there to provoke a reaction, although not being written by a Daily Mail journalist, I figured I stood half a chance with this one. And right I was. A lot of the science baffles me (it never was my strong point-I consult the scientist husband for these needs), but any article that helps dispel the myth that ME/CFS is all in the mind is a good one in my book, not least because I often wonder if I’m making all this up myself, but more about that another time.

The article was a winner when I first saw the wonderfully cute dog in the article’s image tbh, followed by then seeing that the article was written by Dr Charles Shepherd. It didn’t take much research into ME at the beginning to find that he is somewhat of a prominent figure in the field, not least because he’s an ME sufferer himself. Essentially though, he just seems like a very normal person and is someone who makes a lot of sense. Yes the science baffles me, but the things he talks about, the “plodding along”, pacing yourself and listening to your body all make a lot of sense. It’s also one of the first articles I’ve read (in mainstream media at least) that mentions the plethora of other symptoms that can form part of ME/CFS. Yes I’m tired all the time, and yes my muscles ache on a near daily basis, but I also have food intolerances, half of which don’t seem to follow a pattern, and consequently a stomach that reacts at the drop of a hat to things it doesn’t like. I also suffer temperature issues all the time (something which earned me the nickname “lizard”) and I am either so cold I’ve got blue fingernails or so hot that I’m sweating like the proverbial. None of these effects are particular attractive, but it’s nice to read an article that doesn’t gloss over these things, which can be just as annoying as the tiredness itself.

I know there will always be people, doctors included, who don’t really believe ME/CFS exists, but I’m reassured by people like Dr Shepherd who are there to fight our corner and might just change one person’s view on the subject, which is good enough for me for now 🙂


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