Musings and Snoozes


on December 3, 2012

Well on my blog at least. The falling snow has excited me probably far more than it should, but then I’m in one of those sorts of moods today. The end of last week was a bit crap – I wasn’t sleeping very well and generally not feeling very with it. The weekend was good though, as Shell and Matt came to visit for Shell’s birthday and much mooching, shopping, chatting and eating was done. I was pretty dead come Saturday night, but I think that had more to do with getting up at 8.30am and running round all over the place to buy a Christmas tree, the decorations and almost forgotten bits and pieces that needed doing. It was totally worth it though and our Christmas tree, paper chains and sticky penguin window decorations are looking beuatiful :

Christmas Tree

Yesterday I had a much needed gentle morning, which made me realise just how important doing nothing is sometimes. I am a great one for rolling out of bed at the last minute, washing, dressing and being out of the house in about 15 minutes flat, no matter whether I’m going to work or just out at a weekend. Yesterday though I got up about 9ish, made some breakfast and sat watching a film with Jon for a couple of hours. This worked wonders in terms of my energy levels, and meant I was later able to decorate the tree, dance around to cheesy Christmas songs, go out, do some shopping and cook dinner for Jon, my mum and me. It may not sound much, but it’s quite something for me on a Sunday! So I’ve decided to try this theory out throughout the week. Obviously I don’t plan to watch a two hour film before work every morning, but getting up a bit earlier, having a leisurely shower and then mooching round the house with a bagel in hand should be the way forward I think. I just about managed it this morning and I do feel much better for it. For one I’m still quite awake, which is something considering I was at work until 6 tonight and have had a very busy day.  I’m hoping though that this, coupled with my general festive cheer which is helping, should make each day a little easier and if I can just manage to do a couple of extra things a day before Christmas, then I reckon I’m doing well. One day down, four to go… 🙂


One response to “Snow!!!

  1. Shell says:

    I fully agree with not rushing around in the morning!

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