Musings and Snoozes

A rather sappy dedication to my husband, for which I apologise to the rest of you!

on February 24, 2013


This pretty much sums up me and Jon and I feel he deserves a bit of credit, not only for how much he puts up with (which is a lot!), but also for how much he looks after me and always tries to make me feel “me” again.

This weekend was supposed to be spent in Leeds, but being utterly dead and in quite a lot of pain from doing too much over the last few weeks, I finally had to give in and admit I couldn’t go. It’s probably the first time I’ve actually decided I can’t do something because of being ill and despite being very disappointed, I was rather proud of myself for finally learning that I can’t do everything I want to do and expect to be ok. So instead, Jon has spent the weekend looking after me. I don’t mean anything over the top, or pandering to my every need, but just doing little things that make my life a bit easier, including getting up and finding me painkillers yesterday morning when I thought my whole body might explode. Someone at work asked me how Jon copes with me (in the illness sense, rather than the “good god, you’re a pain in the backside” sense :P) and when I started telling her all the things he does for me, it just made me stop and realise how very lucky I am. He doesn’t get angry with me when I can’t even remember my own name, he reminds me when and which tablets to take (something which I utterly can’t be trusted with), he always slows down to walk at my pace, rather than letting it kill me to keep up with him, he makes me cups of tea when I can’t get up, and wakes up with me in the middle of the night when I’m in so much pain I think I might die (melodramatic, moi?!).

Essentially, I did quite well with my husband choosing, and every once in a while, he deserves some recognition for this. So here is to my husband, who didn’t sign up to many years of looking after his wife (at least not yet!), but does it anyway and never makes me feel anything less for it 🙂


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