Musings and Snoozes

This is the life…

on March 29, 2013

So my plan was to document Thailand day by day, but I’ve already lost yesterday’s post, so there goes that idea. To recap though (cos I’m too lazy to rewrite all of it), here’s how things have gone so far…

I wrote yesterday’s post from Phuket. On my own. This hadn’t been the original plan, but due to the wonderful overbooking system that airlines employ, I was actually flying on my own from Bangkok to Phuket. It wasn’t a major issue, and actually I generally enjoy travelling on my own, but it did mean I was at Phuket an hour before Jon, Ann and Alan arrived. Normally an hour wouldn’t seem long, but in a very foreign (and really loud!) country, I felt pretty conspicuous. All was ok though and apart from a brief conversation with the Thai lady sitting next to me, I was left alone. Tiredness however was setting in by this point and by the time the others arrived, I wasn’t actually sure if I could stand without falling over. All was ok though, and after a brief kerfuffle with the taxi transfer, we were on our way to the hotel.

So, The Aleenta, there are not words to describe how beautiful this place is. We have a 2 floor apartment with steps to the pool outside our door. Plus a view, and more importantly, the sound of the sea. It’s absolutely stunning. Today was spent on the hotel’s private beach, alternating between snoozing and swimming in the sea. The temperature has been between 36 and 39°, but not in the least oppressive (so long as you don’t do anything too energetic, y’know, like moving). Blissful. Or lizardy, for anyone who knows me 🙂

Off out to enjoy another amazing dinner now, before coming back, possibly having a swim, and then snoozing in the hotel provided pyjamas. Life is hard…


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