Musings and Snoozes

Fresh starts and new beginnings

on April 28, 2013

New Beginning

So, this is about to be my final week at work and also my final full week in this house. After that it’s all change, which both terrifies me and excites me! After the initial excitement of getting offered the new job and then finally finding somewhere to live (after what seemed like an eternity looking, despite only actually being a few weeks!), all the little worries and what if’s are starting to creep in a little. Mostly just inevitable things “what if I hate the new job?” and  “what if the house is a disaster?”, but I’m trying to be positive and at the end of the day, I can’t help but feel that a fresh start is probably exactly what I need.

My biggest fear about the new job was about how I’d cope with the Fibromyalgia and if I should even tell them, let alone get support. This was quashed pretty quickly though by the medical questionnaire that came with my contract and which actually specified Fibro and ME, so that made the decision about whether to tell them or not! I then spent a good week or so worrying that they might not offer me the job or wonder why I hadn’t mentioned it before, but no, all I got was a lovely email from the Occupational Health department asking me if I needed any special adjustments for my job or if I wanted to make an appointment with them for a referral. To be honest I couldn’t think of anything I needed (despite friends and family suggesting a chaise longue, cake, and longer lunch breaks!), but to even be asked makes me very hopeful about working for them! Also, the contract is initially only for 9 months so if I find I can’t cope (or if I hate it!) then at least I’ve got an ‘out’, though financially I’d prefer it if it didn’t come to that!

Which brings me to the house. Tbh I think the only worry I’m having about the house is because of having to find so much money for it and I’m just hoping it’ll be worth it! I absolutely detest borrowing money off people, but we’ve had to swallow our pride a little bit and just accept that moving house isn’t possible without it. I think once we’re moved in and it looks like home I’ll feel a lot better about the place, but until then I suspect there might be a few more sleepless nights about whether we’ve done the right thing or are moving to the right place etc. Again though, just like the job, the house is only for a set period of time, so after that we can move if it’s all gone a bit wrong!

But negatives and worries aside, I really am quite excited about what’s to come. Things are starting to look up and I fully intend to make the most of the next few months to see where things go. Just one more week to get through at work and a hell of a lot of packing to be done first….



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