Musings and Snoozes

Five out of five! Now snooooze…

Despite the fact that I’ve been sleepier than ever today, I actually achieved all five of my Five Things! Though staying awake at work was quite possibly the hardest thing ever. My training was finished yesterday and my buddy wasn’t in today, which left me staring at the computer screen for 6 hours. I gave in and left at half four in the end, since they were paying me to do nothing anyway. I do hope Monday won’t be the same because Lucie’s not even going to be in to keep me company. Ugh.

Anyway, my physio went well this morning, aside from getting there and finding they’d demolished my car park. The irony is not lost on me that I had to walk quite a long way to get to a physio appointment that I’m having because I find walking difficult. Pfft. But it was good when I got there, though I was a little miffed to find that I have to curb my shopping habits. Turns out that I should probably have worked out that if walking is the thing I find hardest, walking for 4 hours or so every weekend isn’t going to be the greatest idea. A university education is a wonderful thing, as my mum would say.

All that said, we’re going to ignore that advice for this weekend and I’m off to the vintage fair in MK with Penny and the mum’s tomorrow. We will just have to make sure there are plenty of coffee stops and sitting down. Shouldn’t be too hard!

I figure that’ll pretty much cover my Five Things for tomorrow, especially since having now moved to Wycombe, I’ll have to be up the crack of dawn to make it to breakfast at 9. The things I do for Penny and a John Lewis croissant…

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A Five Things Overdose (not literally of course…)

I seem to have forgotten to post Five Things yesterday, so instead here is a list of five things I’ve actually done.

1) Got in a nice little walk to the park and back at lunch.
2) Packed clothes for tomorrow and drove over to mum’s
3) Finally went through and chose my Flexi Benefits at work. This was harder than it sounds.
4) Had a long, luxurious bath at mum’s, with no fear of the house flooding!
5) Changed all my body jewellery for the new bits that arrived today.

They may all be quite small things, but I’m pleased all the same. Especially going for the walk at lunch-it helped keep me awake this afternoon!

So tomorrow’s Five Things look like this:

1) Go to physio in the morning.
2) Drive back to work
3) Survive day at work
4) Go to the park at lunch (if it’s not raining)
5) Ring the breakdown cover people to change my details.

The last one occurred to me this morning, as I fell into such a large pothole that I thought my entire wheel might have come off :/ Thankfully it hadn’t, but it did remind me that Green Flag still think I’m unmarried, live with my mum and drive a Fiesta. Best to get that fixed methinks.

Other than that, my plan is to chill after work tomorrow and just enjoy the fact that it’s Friday at last 🙂

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More snoozing than musing

Hmmm so going to bed at half past midnight was probably not my best plan last night. I have actually managed to do 4/5 things on my list though and sat through an extremely interesting science training session this afternoon (actually no sarcasm there-biology has never been so understandable!), but then I came home and utterly crashed. Sadly this resulted in much pain and me being an utter arse to Jon. An early night tonight methinks…

On the plus side, I did order all the lovely body jewellery I’ve been promising myself for ages, so that should arrive tomorrow. And now there is House and tea and all is well with the world. Or at least it will be when Friday finally gets here. These four day weeks are hard 😦

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I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!


That’s a lie, I’m not actually so excited but I’ve just been to see this again (because once wasn’t enough and I thought Jon should see it) and it’s just as funny the second time, possibly more so because you’re just waiting for the best bits. All films should feature a musical number performed by gay, drunken air stewards…..Sadly after several years at uni analyzing what felt like every spanish film in existence, it does take a little bit of the fun away, or at least makes it harder to watch just as a film rather than “oooh look what that represents” (albeit very loosely in this film!), but still, a very amusing way to spend the evening.

By comparison, the rest of my day has been pretty boring. Getting out of bed this morning was not exactly easy, though I don’t think it ever is after a bank holiday weekend. Once I arrived at work and had my morning coffee I did feel a bit better, but with no actual training scheduled for today, it was pretty tough to stay alert. Still, the day didn’t drag too much, I got a lot of emailing done (thanks Shell and Jess) and five o’clock came round eventually 🙂 I didn’t exactly get a five minute walk in, but I did run from the tree to the front door when it thew it down at lunctime and I did walk from Starbucks to the cinema after work, which is most definitely a five minute walk at my speed!

So really, aside from the sort of five minute walk above, I did pretty badly on my Five Things. To be honest, this isn’t a suprise as my first day of the working week always tends to go like this. So cheating though it may be, tomorrow’s list is going to look pretty similar…

1) Make lunch before work (I didn’t today because I felt like eating at work instead)
2) Five minute walk at lunchtime (Rain permitting!)
3) Nip to the shop after work (Most definitely, due to having sod all in the house atm)
4) Wash up the gazillion glasses we seem to have used (there’s a small chance I might do this tonight, maybe….)
5) Put up our new garden ornament that we bought today (another rain permitting!)

For now I’m going to go treat myself with new body jewellery, a hot shower and then bed. Tomorrow *will* be more productive, honest.


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Short and Sweet

Pretty tired tonight, but I’ve had a good weekend and still feel ok enough to go to work tomorrow (not that I’ve got much choice!)

Anyway, this’ll be short and sweet to preserve energy, so I’ll just leave you with my Five Things for tomorrow:

1) Make lunch before work
2) Five minute walk at lunchtime
3) Nip to the shop after work
4) Wash up the gazillion glasses we seem to have used (despite being away all weekend!)
5) Put up our new garden ornament that we bought today.

The last couple don’t *need* doing, but it would be good to get them done. We’ll see how my day at work goes first.

And on that note, night all 🙂

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A little over energetic perhaps…

I’ve been a bit quiet on here this week. I’ve been getting steadily more tired as the week has gone on, which culminated in quite a large amount of pain last night. Interestingly it was a new kind of pain, more kind of shooty than achey. Not particularly pleasant. I think it might be a bit better this morning, or at least back to achey, although it’s hard to tell since I haven’t actually got out of bed yet!

So, to summarise, the week since Tuesday has gone like this:

– Training is almost over. We’ve done the most important bits and now I’m itching to put it all into practice.
– Spoke to my boss about holiday and am currently waiting on his approval as both my requests fall at quarter end. I’ll be honest, this is stressing me out a bit so I’m trying not to think about it too much.
– Mum came over on Weds to view the beautifully decorated bedroom (and carpet…oops…). A good time was had, including more chips than you could shake a stick at from the chip shop.
-Went out on Thursday with Evelyne. Much giggling and catching up was done. The film was incredibly funny too and I could probably be tempted to see it again if I could find anywhere showing it.
– Mike and Graeme came over last night. There was a small feast of party food and lots of silly films/tv. A pretty chilled evening all round, although the pain but a bit of a dampner on it 😦

Essentially, reading that back, we can probably say I’ve done a bit too much. Maybe less after work things next week.

I have been getting my five minute walks in though. Handily Lucie smokes so we go out every lunch time and if it’s not raining we walk to the park, sit a bit, and then walk back. So weather permitting, I think I walked Mon, Wed and Thur. Not quite every other day but 3/5 all the same. It’s certainly making me feel better in the afternoon. The bit that’s killing me most is climbing all the stairs to my office. They’ve always been the killer for me and I am horribly unfit, so by the time I’ve climbed all 4 sets I’m pretty dead. The answer to this has been climb 2 sets to get to Costa, purchase morning coffee, continue. It’s a system that’s working well so far 🙂

Today we are off oop north for Katie’s birthday. I realise after all I’ve said about doing too much that this may not be a great plan, but I’ve rested well this morning and I plan to snooze and relax in the car, so I reckon it should be ok. It helps that it’s bank holiday too, so I at least get Mon to recover!

So all that remains now is to get up and out of bed. 1, 2, 3…..

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My thoughts exactly…


This sums up today. I made it through another busy training session and had a pretty good ‘new starters lunch’ with my boss and colleagues, but that’s all I can manage. Jon made dinner while I mustered up the last of my energy to have a shower, but that’s it, I’m pretty sure it’s bedtime now.

Five Things will be resumed once I’ve got some sleep.

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Positivity Overload

Today I had my first experience of waking up, remembering it was Monday and not dreading going to work. A very odd feeling, but very welcome. I have even managed four of my five things, though trying to establish where my upped dosage of drugs are has just resulted in having to ring the hospital at some point to chase them *sigh* but at least I tried. I still need to sort out holiday but that’s a bit on going anyway. I also got my five minute walk in today, so tomorrow I need to try and rest at lunchtime-not always easy, as sitting in the canteen for a whole hour can be a bit tedious! I shall try though.

Training at work was an all day affair today. It was pretty hard going and a lot to take in, but I think I’m getting it ok and I’m actually quite excited to put what I’ve learnt into practice. Not that that will be for at least another 1-2 weeks, but still, it’s nice to feel that it might actually be ok and that I will be able to do my job. I also met a couple of new people, so I’m slowly building up people to say hi to in the corridor! I can’t always remember their names but recognising faces is a good start!

Tonight we had Amy over for dinner, which was lovely. Jon cooked awesome steak and we’ve now eaten vegetables for the second time this week. Shocking. In fact coupled with the smoothie I had for breakfast, I think I might have had my five a day today :-O What’s equally as surprising is the fact that despite a hard day at work, driving to Aylesbury and back tonight and then socialising (though the latter was not hard work!), I am still quite awake. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this-it’s a rather satisfying feeling. Hopefully once my tablets kick in I’ll also have a good night’s sleep and feel even better in the morning 🙂

So tomorrow the plan is…

-Drive to work early enough to relax with a coffee when I get there!
-Complete training (I realise this isn’t optional but it’s such a huge thing that it deserves at least one slot, if not two!)
-Try and remember to sort holiday out at work, again.
-Put washing on when I come home
-And finally, unpack more clothes before I run out of things to wear!

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So it’s gone a bit like this….

I am too worn out to even write about how this weekend has been, so in short it’s gone like this:

-Survived my week at work. Went for coffee to celebrate.
-Had a bath. So did the downstairs bathroom.
-Got hold of the landlord Saturday morning. Plumber arrived. Fixed enough to shower, but either a part or a new bath is needed. Currently awaiting this.
-Went to go let Flynn out while Jess and the whole family were at a wedding. Lost Flynn for a bit. Panicked. All was ok in the end.
-Spent Saturday night being bloody knackered, but still managed to cook up a gourmet dinner (with the aid of Eurovision)
-Went to bed, slept like a proverbial log.
-Lay in this morning. Bliss.
-Coloured my hair. It’s now a beautiful shade of Orange 😀
-Went for brunch with Jon and mum and did a little light shopping.
-Cleaned the old house. Or rather Jon did most of it. I cleaned the bathroom and hoovered one room. I then nearly died.
-Went to Mum’s for seriously good food.
-Came home and watched Doctor Who. Bloody good.
-Now I am considering bed, but need to work out what I need to do tomorrow.

So tomorrow’s list goes a little like this:

-Shower in the morning
-Remember biscuits for work
-Try and remember to sort holiday out at work.
-Go to doctors after work to drop off my prescription.
-Ring doctors and try and establish where my upped dosage of drugs are.

That seems to be five so I should probably leave it there.

Having re-read all that, it reads far too much like an order Workflow. Clearly I have been in my new job too long already. Gaah.

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Drip drop….

As there is water coming through the ceiling, Five Things can go do one for now.


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