Musings and Snoozes

Lists, goals and a way forward

on May 10, 2013

So my first physiotherapy appointment was this morning and involved precisely no physio, but lots of therapy. This isn’t a complaint, just not what I expected, as I turned up in my emergency borrowed trackie bottoms and top (realising at 10pm the night before that you’ve packed everything even resembling suitable attire is not great!). Tbf I didn’t think I was even going to make it this morning- it took me 35 minutes to find a parking space and I had actually reached the point that I was all set to pull up and cancel, but luck was eventually on my side when, at the second go round of three car parks, a space appeared. By the time I’d found my way to the building, filled in the forms and survived the session, I was finally able to relax and consequently I now want to fall asleep. However, I thought I better write down all the targets and things I’m supposed to be doing for my next appointment before I inevitably snooze and forget everything. So, a brief summary….

Keep a diary-this shouldn’t be too hard, though I will have to try make more of an effort to update this daily.

Make a list of things to do each day. There should never be more then 5 things on the list and they should be in order of priority. This I think I’ll find tricky, as it only took the therapist about 10 minutes to work out that I’m rubbish at pacing myself. Essentially I have to start saying no and admitting that I need to rest.

Following on from the above-if there is a scale from +10 (feeling amazing) to -10 (feel like death) then I should aim to stay around 0, so +1 to -1 each day. Atm I go from +10 to -10 on a regular basis and consequently spend far too much time feeling like death. Again, pacing, and learning to conserve energy on good days, rather than go mental and suffer for the following three days.

Finally, I have to build up exercise in very slow, gradual ways. This will start off by a 5 minute walk at lunch time every other day and staying in at lunch the other days. The following week I can aim to go every day and then the third week I need to try going for a 5 minute walk after work as well. It all sounds massively like baby steps, but as walking is what causes me the most pain, it’s a very good place to start. The hope is that I can eventually go back to yoga or something similar once I’ve built my threshold up a bit. I’ve often described the pain as being like a post gym/workout pain but without the benefits and apparently that’s exactly what it is-my brain has somewhere along the line changed how my body processes and responds to pain, so whereas an hour at the gym would normally make you feel like this, for me it’s getting out of bed and functioning. So the plan is to change this gradually so I can do more and more. I’m feeling pretty positive about the chances of improving, although she warned me it’s a long slow process, which will be full of ups and downs and inevitably be frustrating at times, but I’m stubborn so I will get there in the end *determined face*

In other health news, I had my check up at rheumatology on Tuesday and my next step there is an ultrasound. Turns out my last blood tests weren’t quite normal and that I have extra antibodies in my system, which might be attacking my joints and accounting for some of the pain, so they need to investigate further. I’ve been prewarned about the long waiting list though, so I doubt this’ll be happening before August or so.

Aside from all this health excitement, we’ve nearly finished moving house and I start my new job at 10am Monday morning. I’ll be honest I’m a bit apprehensive about how I’ll be feeling by Monday since all the moving has nearly killed me, but I’m hoping with a couple of days rest over the weekend, I might be ok. The new house is starting to look pretty good and once we’ve finished decorating it should be amazing. It’s so nice to have space to put things and still have space to move. Plus having three bedrooms will be a nice novelty.

So there we go, an update on everything. Will start my list of five things tomorrow 🙂


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