Musings and Snoozes

Five things fail!

on May 12, 2013

Well no, not exactly fail. Jon actually made the bed up and did the washing yesterday so that was two off my list. However I did additionally pack up and move the entire remainder of our belongings, which was a lot more tiring than anticipated. I also went foraging with Penny for food, which wasn’t exactly taxing but it was something not on the list and I suppose that’s the kind of thing I’m supposed to be monitoring. So yes, sort of success and sort of fail yesterday.

So today….well actually I was so excited to wake up in my new house this morning that I completely forgot about my five things (attention span of a gnat anyone?). But roughly in my head the things I wanted to do went like this:

1) Drive to work so I know where the bloody hell I’m going tomorrow.
2) Go shopping for house things.
3) Find all my paperwork and find clothes for work (starting a new job while everything’s still in boxes and cases is a nightmare!)

I don’t think I actually had any more plans since today is supposed to be about resting and doing nothing, and in that sense I’ve done quite well. The day started off with coffee and a very hot shower (amazing colour changing shower head now works-woo!), before trying to cobble together an outfit from about 10 different bags and cases and then heading out.
Now I’m curled up in the chair of many cushions and blankets, trying not to panic about work tomorrow and wondering what to have for tea. This is as stressful as its going to get tonight šŸ™‚


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