Musings and Snoozes

Survival and a cautiously optimistic Five Things

on May 13, 2013

So I survived. Day one down and I am still just about in one piece. I reckon my head might explode from the sheer amount of information I’ve taken in and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get lost on my way to my desk at least once this week, but overall it did go well. It helped that there was another girl starting today too, especially to pass the time while waiting for several hours for IT to come set up our laptops! We stated the day by meeting everyone in the office (there must be about 100 of them!) and we’ve also each been assigned a buddy to help us in the first few weeks. There’s going to be three weeks of training before we’re let loose on any real work, but even then it’ll only be easy stuff to start with as by all accounts, the work is quite complex. Bit scary but everyone’s been very lovely and welcoming and I’ve got a good feeling about it all 🙂

I am now quite dead, but not dreading day 2, which is always a good feeling. I am even going to make a list of Five Things for tomorrow and see how we go. So….

1) Get up early enough for breakfast
2) Sort out parking permit for work
3) Go to Costa either at lunch or post work
4) Unpack some more clothes
5) Fill in change of address forms.

The last one can be done anytime really, but the quicker I get them done, the less hassle I’ll have.

Right tea and Angel and then possibly bed!


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