Musings and Snoozes

Three out of five isn’t bad

on May 14, 2013

So day two has been completed. Still not dead, but I am in quite a lot of pain just from being so exhausted. Its tolerable, but I’m living for hot baths and squishy chairs atm! I did also fail at my five things a bit. I managed getting up early, unpacking and filling in a few change of address things, but Costa failed due to rain and parking failed due to lack of security man at the desk. So those two are now being transferred to tomorrow’s list, which is always follows:

1) Cook rice to take for lunch
2) Sort out parking permit for work
3) Go to Costa after work
4) Try to cook dinner for Jon, since he’s been pretty much looking after me this week.
5) Just try to stay awake!

The last one I’ve been having difficulty with today, despite getting an early night yesterday. I think it’s just because I’m sitting with my buddy all day (rather than training modules-they come Thursday) and nothing he’s doing actually means a lot to me atm so nothing’s quite going in. Consequently my eyes tend to shut and I have to try very hard to stay awake. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s good to have someone to show me how the job works and it will all become clearer in a few weeks, but for now, it’s a bit of a struggle.

On a more practical note, I now have my pass, my email all set up and my laptop, so I feel like I belong a bit more! I can’t wait to feel settled though, to have people to talk to and to know who to go to lunch with – always the hardest part of a new job I know, but I’d kill for a comfortable lunchtime coffee with Evelyne! Still, I’ll get there in the end, it has only been two days after all.

Right now I’m enjoying listening to the rain fall outside, while being curled up in our newly decorated, and very pretty, bedroom. Bliss 🙂


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