Musings and Snoozes

So close, I can almost taste it

on May 16, 2013

Another day down! Today has been better, both in terms of work and lack of pain 🙂 Training was indeed cancelled due to the trainer being ill, so after some frantic rejigging, we did a few other sessions instead. It kind of says something about the place that we have to be taught how to manage our inbox(es) and how to use the very clever things that Systems have made Outlook do. Gone are the days of a few folders and drag and drop…. :/ Anyway it was good and once we actually start doing some work, it might mean something!

The pain has been much more manageable too, mostly due to actually being able to sit and relax in meeting rooms. I also walked to the park (well, green space) at lunch, so I seem to have gotten in another five minute walk. By the time I’d then walked up the two flights of stairs to my office I felt pretty ouch, but I did find I was more awake in the afternoon 🙂

In terms of my Five Things, I’ve managed parking permit (success!) and Virgin. Jon had already done the washing by the time I came home, which just leaves the other two….If either one of them gets done before bed it’ll be a miracle. Think I’ll settle with conserving my energy for one last day at work instead and maybe try them again tomorrow. So Friday’s Five Things look like this:

1) Get up in time to wash my hair
2) Unpack clothes
3) Sort out bedside table (ie find and put things on it)
4) Go for coffee after work
5) Hang a picture (this could be on going for a while!)

Then there will be mega relaxing and much sleeping. I can almost taste the weekend 🙂


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