Musings and Snoozes

So it’s gone a bit like this….

on May 19, 2013

I am too worn out to even write about how this weekend has been, so in short it’s gone like this:

-Survived my week at work. Went for coffee to celebrate.
-Had a bath. So did the downstairs bathroom.
-Got hold of the landlord Saturday morning. Plumber arrived. Fixed enough to shower, but either a part or a new bath is needed. Currently awaiting this.
-Went to go let Flynn out while Jess and the whole family were at a wedding. Lost Flynn for a bit. Panicked. All was ok in the end.
-Spent Saturday night being bloody knackered, but still managed to cook up a gourmet dinner (with the aid of Eurovision)
-Went to bed, slept like a proverbial log.
-Lay in this morning. Bliss.
-Coloured my hair. It’s now a beautiful shade of Orange 😀
-Went for brunch with Jon and mum and did a little light shopping.
-Cleaned the old house. Or rather Jon did most of it. I cleaned the bathroom and hoovered one room. I then nearly died.
-Went to Mum’s for seriously good food.
-Came home and watched Doctor Who. Bloody good.
-Now I am considering bed, but need to work out what I need to do tomorrow.

So tomorrow’s list goes a little like this:

-Shower in the morning
-Remember biscuits for work
-Try and remember to sort holiday out at work.
-Go to doctors after work to drop off my prescription.
-Ring doctors and try and establish where my upped dosage of drugs are.

That seems to be five so I should probably leave it there.

Having re-read all that, it reads far too much like an order Workflow. Clearly I have been in my new job too long already. Gaah.


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