Musings and Snoozes

Positivity Overload

on May 20, 2013

Today I had my first experience of waking up, remembering it was Monday and not dreading going to work. A very odd feeling, but very welcome. I have even managed four of my five things, though trying to establish where my upped dosage of drugs are has just resulted in having to ring the hospital at some point to chase them *sigh* but at least I tried. I still need to sort out holiday but that’s a bit on going anyway. I also got my five minute walk in today, so tomorrow I need to try and rest at lunchtime-not always easy, as sitting in the canteen for a whole hour can be a bit tedious! I shall try though.

Training at work was an all day affair today. It was pretty hard going and a lot to take in, but I think I’m getting it ok and I’m actually quite excited to put what I’ve learnt into practice. Not that that will be for at least another 1-2 weeks, but still, it’s nice to feel that it might actually be ok and that I will be able to do my job. I also met a couple of new people, so I’m slowly building up people to say hi to in the corridor! I can’t always remember their names but recognising faces is a good start!

Tonight we had Amy over for dinner, which was lovely. Jon cooked awesome steak and we’ve now eaten vegetables for the second time this week. Shocking. In fact coupled with the smoothie I had for breakfast, I think I might have had my five a day today :-O What’s equally as surprising is the fact that despite a hard day at work, driving to Aylesbury and back tonight and then socialising (though the latter was not hard work!), I am still quite awake. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this-it’s a rather satisfying feeling. Hopefully once my tablets kick in I’ll also have a good night’s sleep and feel even better in the morning 🙂

So tomorrow the plan is…

-Drive to work early enough to relax with a coffee when I get there!
-Complete training (I realise this isn’t optional but it’s such a huge thing that it deserves at least one slot, if not two!)
-Try and remember to sort holiday out at work, again.
-Put washing on when I come home
-And finally, unpack more clothes before I run out of things to wear!


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