Musings and Snoozes

A little over energetic perhaps…

on May 25, 2013

I’ve been a bit quiet on here this week. I’ve been getting steadily more tired as the week has gone on, which culminated in quite a large amount of pain last night. Interestingly it was a new kind of pain, more kind of shooty than achey. Not particularly pleasant. I think it might be a bit better this morning, or at least back to achey, although it’s hard to tell since I haven’t actually got out of bed yet!

So, to summarise, the week since Tuesday has gone like this:

– Training is almost over. We’ve done the most important bits and now I’m itching to put it all into practice.
– Spoke to my boss about holiday and am currently waiting on his approval as both my requests fall at quarter end. I’ll be honest, this is stressing me out a bit so I’m trying not to think about it too much.
– Mum came over on Weds to view the beautifully decorated bedroom (and carpet…oops…). A good time was had, including more chips than you could shake a stick at from the chip shop.
-Went out on Thursday with Evelyne. Much giggling and catching up was done. The film was incredibly funny too and I could probably be tempted to see it again if I could find anywhere showing it.
– Mike and Graeme came over last night. There was a small feast of party food and lots of silly films/tv. A pretty chilled evening all round, although the pain but a bit of a dampner on it 😦

Essentially, reading that back, we can probably say I’ve done a bit too much. Maybe less after work things next week.

I have been getting my five minute walks in though. Handily Lucie smokes so we go out every lunch time and if it’s not raining we walk to the park, sit a bit, and then walk back. So weather permitting, I think I walked Mon, Wed and Thur. Not quite every other day but 3/5 all the same. It’s certainly making me feel better in the afternoon. The bit that’s killing me most is climbing all the stairs to my office. They’ve always been the killer for me and I am horribly unfit, so by the time I’ve climbed all 4 sets I’m pretty dead. The answer to this has been climb 2 sets to get to Costa, purchase morning coffee, continue. It’s a system that’s working well so far 🙂

Today we are off oop north for Katie’s birthday. I realise after all I’ve said about doing too much that this may not be a great plan, but I’ve rested well this morning and I plan to snooze and relax in the car, so I reckon it should be ok. It helps that it’s bank holiday too, so I at least get Mon to recover!

So all that remains now is to get up and out of bed. 1, 2, 3…..


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