Musings and Snoozes

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

on May 28, 2013


That’s a lie, I’m not actually so excited but I’ve just been to see this again (because once wasn’t enough and I thought Jon should see it) and it’s just as funny the second time, possibly more so because you’re just waiting for the best bits. All films should feature a musical number performed by gay, drunken air stewards…..Sadly after several years at uni analyzing what felt like every spanish film in existence, it does take a little bit of the fun away, or at least makes it harder to watch just as a film rather than “oooh look what that represents” (albeit very loosely in this film!), but still, a very amusing way to spend the evening.

By comparison, the rest of my day has been pretty boring. Getting out of bed this morning was not exactly easy, though I don’t think it ever is after a bank holiday weekend. Once I arrived at work and had my morning coffee I did feel a bit better, but with no actual training scheduled for today, it was pretty tough to stay alert. Still, the day didn’t drag too much, I got a lot of emailing done (thanks Shell and Jess) and five o’clock came round eventually 🙂 I didn’t exactly get a five minute walk in, but I did run from the tree to the front door when it thew it down at lunctime and I did walk from Starbucks to the cinema after work, which is most definitely a five minute walk at my speed!

So really, aside from the sort of five minute walk above, I did pretty badly on my Five Things. To be honest, this isn’t a suprise as my first day of the working week always tends to go like this. So cheating though it may be, tomorrow’s list is going to look pretty similar…

1) Make lunch before work (I didn’t today because I felt like eating at work instead)
2) Five minute walk at lunchtime (Rain permitting!)
3) Nip to the shop after work (Most definitely, due to having sod all in the house atm)
4) Wash up the gazillion glasses we seem to have used (there’s a small chance I might do this tonight, maybe….)
5) Put up our new garden ornament that we bought today (another rain permitting!)

For now I’m going to go treat myself with new body jewellery, a hot shower and then bed. Tomorrow *will* be more productive, honest.



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