Musings and Snoozes

A Five Things Overdose (not literally of course…)

on May 30, 2013

I seem to have forgotten to post Five Things yesterday, so instead here is a list of five things I’ve actually done.

1) Got in a nice little walk to the park and back at lunch.
2) Packed clothes for tomorrow and drove over to mum’s
3) Finally went through and chose my Flexi Benefits at work. This was harder than it sounds.
4) Had a long, luxurious bath at mum’s, with no fear of the house flooding!
5) Changed all my body jewellery for the new bits that arrived today.

They may all be quite small things, but I’m pleased all the same. Especially going for the walk at lunch-it helped keep me awake this afternoon!

So tomorrow’s Five Things look like this:

1) Go to physio in the morning.
2) Drive back to work
3) Survive day at work
4) Go to the park at lunch (if it’s not raining)
5) Ring the breakdown cover people to change my details.

The last one occurred to me this morning, as I fell into such a large pothole that I thought my entire wheel might have come off :/ Thankfully it hadn’t, but it did remind me that Green Flag still think I’m unmarried, live with my mum and drive a Fiesta. Best to get that fixed methinks.

Other than that, my plan is to chill after work tomorrow and just enjoy the fact that it’s Friday at last 🙂


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