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The Great British Weather etc etc

So, camping lasted pretty much dead on 12 hours before tents collapsed and/or tried to blow away. Not the most successful holiday in the world, especially given how utterly dead I was by the time we got home. I was ready for a couple of days of pain after a nice 4 day holiday, but I resent it after not even stopping long enough for breakfast! Still, I am just about recovered and am at least enjoying munching my way through all the food we bought to feed 20 people!

I must admit, it was also nice to have a few days off work just to chill and do very little. A significant amount of Starbucks has been consumed and I’ve read 4 books since last Tuesday. It’s been lovely 😀 going back today was a bit of a shock, but it’s a million times more bearable now I like my job! I was a tad worried that I might have forgotten how to do everything, but it all came flooding back after a cup of coffee or two. Not that I had a huge amount to do – I do hope it picks up soon or I’m going to get very bored very quickly. There’s only so much time I can spend colour coding my Excel spreadsheet! That said, I was unexpectedly put on some training a couple of weeks ago, which wasn’t actually due for another month or so, so that’s at least meant my workload can increase a bit now. No doubt in a couple of months I’ll be wishing for the quiet days!

I suppose I should get back on the Five Things again really, though I’m pretty sure I’m just going to come home from work tomorrow and collapse in a heap (much like today). Still, for optimism’s sake…

1) Have a proper breakfast/make milkshake
2) Go for a walk at lunchtime
3) Put my clothes away in the spare room
4) Try and go for a walk after work (weather permitting)
5) Make dinner.

Tonight is going to be spent curled up with a Moomin and reading my book, while Jon goes out and hits things with swords. Lovely 🙂

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Who knew coffee was so tiring?!

Pretty sure I shouldn’t be in this amount of pain before we go camping. Grr. Clearly going out two days in a row plus food shopping/packing is more than my body would like to do, which really, is quite pathetic. Especially when you consider that most of the time spent is town has actually just been sitting in Starbucks *fed up face*

Still, chicken casserole is in the slow cooker (enough to feed about 20 people probably), food for the weekend has been bought (probably enough to feed another 20) and things like tent, sleeping bag and clothes have been located. Packing hasn’t as such occurred yet, but it’ll be totally fine. I reckon I might be ready to leave by about Tuesday… :p

Five Things are being utterly abandoned for the next few days and I am now going to collapse in bed with my book. I’ll be back next week, inevitably bemoaning the English summer time.

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Money money money!


Now I know money can’t buy happiness, but good god I am enjoying having been paid. What I’m enjoying even more is a few days off work and shopping opportunities. Along with the above Moomin, I have also bought several pretty coloured tops, a new pair of jeans, and a turquoise fleece for the inevitable freezing temperature this weekend (camping in June in England-lovely). All in all I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Plus I fully count these shopping trips as my daily walk, so I’m exercising too.

Talking of which (sort of), my hospital appointment went well this morning. The doctor couldn’t see anything worrying in the ultrasound, so it looks like the extra antibodies aren’t being too pesky. Plus I was in and out in under an hour-always impressive given the usual state of waiting times.

Tomorrow’s Five Things will be mostly camping based, since we seem to be mega unprepared this year. The list goes like this:

1) Find tent and sleeping bags
2) Work out what clothes I’m taking/what’s clean
3) Do a food shop for supplies
4) Pack
5) Ring Toyota and find out what happened with my last payment (after it got refused due to lack of money, oops)

That list will inevitably get longer when we find we’ve lost things like tent pegs or that we’ve lost the sleeping bags in the move or something. Still, I’m sure we’ll be totally ready to go on Friday morning…maybe….

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Things can only get better (ie roll on payday)

Today has been the longest day in the world. By 2pm I still hadn’t processed a single order and was distinctly losing the will to live. Then I checked our bank balance, realised we have less than no money and that we’d also been sent a bit of a hissy letter from the old landlord about how much cleaning had to be done. Some of it was pretty justified, but bits of it have irked me. Still, it’s done, we didn’t lose much money and it doesn’t matter now. Suffice to say it’s not been the best day in the world, but I have great plans for it all improving on payday. Two days to go….!

Other than today, things have been pretty good. I’ve changed my hours to 7.30-4pm, which despite being shocking when my alarm went off at 6am on Monday morning, is actually pretty good. I miss all the traffic (20 minute journey instead of 45), there’s pretty much no one in the office when I get there (bliss!) and then I can up and leave at 4 (which if I take a late lunch, is amazing). All in all, it’s working out pretty good 🙂

Saying that, walks have failed somewhat this week, due to coffee appointments and shopping needs (of the food kind, not the pretties sadly). But I plan to restart next week and then there’ll be Shell Island, which should have plenty of five minute walk options, not to mention tent putting up etc. Well, either that or running to get out of the inevitable rain!

Five Things have also fallen by the wayside a bit too, so in an attempt to resurrect them, here are tomorrow’s plans:

1) Shower & hairwash before work.
2) Survive the day at work (and hope I have substantially more to do!)
3) Find which bag I packed belts in when we moved house, and then unpack them.
4) Wash all the clothes I’ve been ignoring for several days.
5) Try on what I plan to wear on Saturday night. In my head it looks amazing, in reality I might look like a mess for a mad dog. 

Now if I could just muster the energy to get up and make dinner…

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It’s all about the sleep

I failed at my after work walk today due to being absolutely dead when I came home. I sat down, thought ‘I’ll go wake Jon up in a minute’ and then promptly fell asleep myself. Oops. I did however make it to go register at the doctors, so I can now manage getting my prescriptions a bit easier than driving back to Aylesbury every 3 weeks. Next on the list is trying to transfer my physio to Amersham or Wycombe, but I think that might be a work in process.

Work went well, but having a bit of a down day was not ideal for my first actual day’s work. I think it went ok though and I don’t think I screwed anything up – I call this success! Tomorrow I have my handover with my boss, which involves working hours, goals, me trying to explain my fibromyalgia….I’m not quite sure how this’ll go. More importantly I should find out if I’ve got my holiday or not :/

Five Things seem to gone a bit to pot recently and I’m too fuzzy to coherently think of any at the moment. For now I shall just endeavour to get through the next couple of days and chill at the weekend 🙂

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Doing nothing is hard work!

Things were all going well until I came home. Then I sat down. Then there was snoozing. So much for starting the five minute walks today, but never mind!

Work was pretty frustrating due to having no buddy, no boss and no Lucie. I have high hopes for tomorrow when they’re hopefully all back! On the plus side I managed to sort out my doctors registration forms and start planning a housewarming party. Totally productive 🙂

That’s pretty much all I got for now. I think bed may be calling, which is a shame cos it’s aaaaall the way upstairs 😦

Edited to add: A little moment of inspiration just came over me when I saw how pretty outside looked, so I have actually just completed my first five minute evening walk. Unfortunately, due to living in Wycombe, hills are an inevitable feature of any given walk and are not my friend. However a little encouragement from Jon and using the multi-purpose wedding cane helped enormously (for support purposes might I add, not for prodding me along). It may not seem a lot, but it’s a start *proud* 🙂

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