Musings and Snoozes

It’s all about the sleep

on June 5, 2013

I failed at my after work walk today due to being absolutely dead when I came home. I sat down, thought ‘I’ll go wake Jon up in a minute’ and then promptly fell asleep myself. Oops. I did however make it to go register at the doctors, so I can now manage getting my prescriptions a bit easier than driving back to Aylesbury every 3 weeks. Next on the list is trying to transfer my physio to Amersham or Wycombe, but I think that might be a work in process.

Work went well, but having a bit of a down day was not ideal for my first actual day’s work. I think it went ok though and I don’t think I screwed anything up – I call this success! Tomorrow I have my handover with my boss, which involves working hours, goals, me trying to explain my fibromyalgia….I’m not quite sure how this’ll go. More importantly I should find out if I’ve got my holiday or not :/

Five Things seem to gone a bit to pot recently and I’m too fuzzy to coherently think of any at the moment. For now I shall just endeavour to get through the next couple of days and chill at the weekend 🙂


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