Musings and Snoozes

Things can only get better (ie roll on payday)

on June 12, 2013

Today has been the longest day in the world. By 2pm I still hadn’t processed a single order and was distinctly losing the will to live. Then I checked our bank balance, realised we have less than no money and that we’d also been sent a bit of a hissy letter from the old landlord about how much cleaning had to be done. Some of it was pretty justified, but bits of it have irked me. Still, it’s done, we didn’t lose much money and it doesn’t matter now. Suffice to say it’s not been the best day in the world, but I have great plans for it all improving on payday. Two days to go….!

Other than today, things have been pretty good. I’ve changed my hours to 7.30-4pm, which despite being shocking when my alarm went off at 6am on Monday morning, is actually pretty good. I miss all the traffic (20 minute journey instead of 45), there’s pretty much no one in the office when I get there (bliss!) and then I can up and leave at 4 (which if I take a late lunch, is amazing). All in all, it’s working out pretty good 🙂

Saying that, walks have failed somewhat this week, due to coffee appointments and shopping needs (of the food kind, not the pretties sadly). But I plan to restart next week and then there’ll be Shell Island, which should have plenty of five minute walk options, not to mention tent putting up etc. Well, either that or running to get out of the inevitable rain!

Five Things have also fallen by the wayside a bit too, so in an attempt to resurrect them, here are tomorrow’s plans:

1) Shower & hairwash before work.
2) Survive the day at work (and hope I have substantially more to do!)
3) Find which bag I packed belts in when we moved house, and then unpack them.
4) Wash all the clothes I’ve been ignoring for several days.
5) Try on what I plan to wear on Saturday night. In my head it looks amazing, in reality I might look like a mess for a mad dog. 

Now if I could just muster the energy to get up and make dinner…


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