Musings and Snoozes

Money money money!

on June 19, 2013


Now I know money can’t buy happiness, but good god I am enjoying having been paid. What I’m enjoying even more is a few days off work and shopping opportunities. Along with the above Moomin, I have also bought several pretty coloured tops, a new pair of jeans, and a turquoise fleece for the inevitable freezing temperature this weekend (camping in June in England-lovely). All in all I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Plus I fully count these shopping trips as my daily walk, so I’m exercising too.

Talking of which (sort of), my hospital appointment went well this morning. The doctor couldn’t see anything worrying in the ultrasound, so it looks like the extra antibodies aren’t being too pesky. Plus I was in and out in under an hour-always impressive given the usual state of waiting times.

Tomorrow’s Five Things will be mostly camping based, since we seem to be mega unprepared this year. The list goes like this:

1) Find tent and sleeping bags
2) Work out what clothes I’m taking/what’s clean
3) Do a food shop for supplies
4) Pack
5) Ring Toyota and find out what happened with my last payment (after it got refused due to lack of money, oops)

That list will inevitably get longer when we find we’ve lost things like tent pegs or that we’ve lost the sleeping bags in the move or something. Still, I’m sure we’ll be totally ready to go on Friday morning…maybe….


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