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One eye on the scone…

Today’s little trauma consisted of being given more stuff to do that I don’t really understand at work, but that is at least getting me brownie points. Sadly it hit a stumbling block about 10 minutes in, which nobody knows how to fix. Lovely. Thankfully it was nothing I’d done, but it does mean I will spend most of this evening worrying about having to carry on with it tomorrow, how I’m going to do it and that I have to find people I’ve never heard of and who assume I know what I’m talking about. Still, I’ve always been quite good at blagging it!

Unfortunately none of this is helping my spectacularly tired state, which now has additional back and knee pain. I snoozed for a while when I got home and then read for a bit while I came to. I’ve done the washing up (which has been glaring at me for days), but having stood for 20 mins or so whilst doing it, I now feel like a 90 year old cripple and so I’ve come to sit down before I attack dinner (the contents of which are currently unknown).

I was rather hoping for a good storm this evening but apart from a downpour this morning and a brief grey spell earlier, it doesn’t look forthcoming. The sun is shining beautifully and it’s currently still 27° and sticky- it’s not all that tempting to go for a walk in, even though I have beautiful new trainers to wear, courtesy of the Next sale. Maybe if it cools down after dinner I might venture out, depending on cripple status!

Still, chin up and all that. One more day to go, then four days off of nothing but scones, jam and minions. Bliss 🙂

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A little bit good (and a little bit warm)

So, having recovered from the Wii a few weeks ago I have been getting steadily more and more pissed off about putting weight on and, despite improved eating habits, not losing any of it. However, after a somewhat warm trip to the physio last week, I am feeling a little more positive. I’m hopefully going to start aquafit classes next week at the local outside pool (tested out by Jon, Alison and I today) and then hopefully a month or so later, I should be able to add yoga to that once a week. Plus I have leg exercises to do, due to finding out that I have little to no strength in my muscles. Now if I can just resist the cake, I hope to see some results in a few weeks!

In other news I’m getting slightly better at managing my energy, although I still tend to forget about the whole delayed death thing and when I think I’ve done well, I find myself in a heap 2 days later. Still, one step at a time!

This weekend has been lovely and spent relaxing, gossiping, swimming and bbqing with Alison. I’ve probably done sliiiightly too much, but I’m now chilling with pizza, hair dye, a face mask and Top Gear. Plus I’ve got two days off this week so I look forward to having a four day weekend of nothing 🙂

Overall I’m feeling pretty good and a little bit hopeful that things might just get better 🙂

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Pfft and Oww


Or is my case, you moan long and loud about it to make sure that everyone knows how hard it is.

Owwww is pretty much all I have to say on the matter. The pain is pretty much all over, including some particularly lovely shooting pains in my arms and left knee, and I am thoroughly pissed off about it. All this from 15 bloody minutes on the Wii! Thankfully tonight we went to the cinema so I haven’t put myself through any more of it, but I think tomorrow we might just do 10 minutes of gentle yoga instead. That’s assuming I can move more than I can atm.

On the plus side, work was actually busy enough to keep me mostly occupied today and I got to go sit quietly and read my book at lunch time. It was not a day for polite conversation.

And Five Things can go do one tonight.


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Walking is overrated

So this whole going for a walk after work thing is not going well, so we’ve got the trusty Wii Fit out again. I had forgotten how much fun it was and after telling me my Wii Fit age is 40, I am determined to do something about the cake eating and the lack of exercise. I figure since joining a gym is out of the question and even the yoga classes are looking a bit unlikely for now, that this is the best way to do a little at a time and try and lose weight gradually without killing myself. That said, after 15 minutes tonight I would like to be a size 10 tomorrow.

In other news, work continues to be a bit quiet, though spending 45 minutes on the phone to IT in India this afternoon killed some time nicely. Plus I’ve left a few bits and pieces in my inbox so I’ll have things to keep me busy in the morning.

The house is still full of things that we haven’t unpacked, but I can never quite muster up the energy to do anything about it. We’re thinking of having a belated housewarming in the next few weeks though, so that might concentrate the mind a bit…maybe!

As for Five Things, I managed almost all of them last time, so tomorrow’s look like this:

1) Make breakfast
2) Get prescription at lunchtime
3) Unpack one box at home
4) Do 15 mins on the Wii Fit
5) Go to the cinema

Not sure about fitting the last three in after work but we’ll give it a go 🙂

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