Musings and Snoozes

A little bit good (and a little bit warm)

on July 21, 2013

So, having recovered from the Wii a few weeks ago I have been getting steadily more and more pissed off about putting weight on and, despite improved eating habits, not losing any of it. However, after a somewhat warm trip to the physio last week, I am feeling a little more positive. I’m hopefully going to start aquafit classes next week at the local outside pool (tested out by Jon, Alison and I today) and then hopefully a month or so later, I should be able to add yoga to that once a week. Plus I have leg exercises to do, due to finding out that I have little to no strength in my muscles. Now if I can just resist the cake, I hope to see some results in a few weeks!

In other news I’m getting slightly better at managing my energy, although I still tend to forget about the whole delayed death thing and when I think I’ve done well, I find myself in a heap 2 days later. Still, one step at a time!

This weekend has been lovely and spent relaxing, gossiping, swimming and bbqing with Alison. I’ve probably done sliiiightly too much, but I’m now chilling with pizza, hair dye, a face mask and Top Gear. Plus I’ve got two days off this week so I look forward to having a four day weekend of nothing 🙂

Overall I’m feeling pretty good and a little bit hopeful that things might just get better 🙂


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