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Sniffle sniffle gone


So the cold lasted approximately 48 hours. On Tuesday night I thought I was going to die. By Wednesday lunchtime it had gone. I’d like to think it was the mega amount of fruit I consumed in the space of about 6 hours, but I suspect it wasn’t. Still, it’s all gone and I am currently relaxing in Starbucks, before going home and attacking the house. Sadly our plan of the housewarming being an incentive to unpack didn’t quite work. Thankfully there are less people coming that first anticipated so I figure the odd box lying around will be fine 🙂

Work has been pretty good this week. Half our team have been on holiday so it’s been pretty quiet and I’ve spent half the time plugged into my kindle listening to music. The other half of the time I’ve been training the new girl. I feel pretty pleased to have been asked, given that I’ve only been there a few months and I hope this leads on to more training in the future as, providing they actually renew my contract in February, that’s what I’d like to do there. Fingers crossed 🙂

Energy wise, the cold got me down quite a bit and even yesterday I found that little things were tiring me out quite easily. I often forget that even once the cold or whatever it is has gone, it still takes me a few days to get back up to speed. I have managed to keep up with the Wii Fit though and for once I haven’t lived on a continuous diet of chocolate while being ill, so while I’m not losing huge amounts of weight, I’m also not putting it on, which is a start!

All in all I’m feeling pretty good and once the house is tidied, beds are made up, washing is done and food has been bought, I’ll be totally ready for this party. Or possibly a lie down in a dark room!

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Sniffle sniffle pfft

So the bank holiday is drawing to close and I seem to be getting a cold, lovely! I suppose it has been a while since I’ve had one, and this does seem to have been going round the office for weeks, so unexpected it is not. Still, it can sod off before my day off on Friday, not to mention the housewarming party on Saturday. Pfft.

Still, aside from the oncoming cold, I’ve had a totally lovely weekend. Towersey was great as always on Saturday and we even managed to avoid the rain (mostly). I bought some lovely things for the house at some of the stalls, including a throw for the bed, one for the chair, and a new rug. Plus the usual CDs, clothes and jewellery 🙂 Show of Hands were amazing as always and we discovered a new band in The Moulettes, who supported them. They remind me of a bit of a mix between Bellowhead and Diablo Swing Orchestra, which is not something I thought I’d ever come across! Their energy on stage was great fun though and the CD lives up to it at home.

As for my energy….well, we did very little yesterday and until about 3pm ish I was fine. Sadly uber pain kicked in at that point and I spent the rest of the day hobbling round the house and taking painkillers. Today’s been a bit better though and I’ve even managed some Wii Fit (which was immediately counteracted by some Noodle Bar, oh well).

So now it’s back to work tomorrow, though only for three days at least! Now I need to go check that the more reasonable red hair dye has covered the more outrageous blue. That and have a lemsip!

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Sit down, relax, do nothing-that’s ok sometimes :)

Ok so there may be a little bit of death tonight. I think a busy day at work yesterday, then trying not to kill the world in Asda last night, followed by the Wii Fit may have been a tad optimistic! Tonight there is sitting and reading to recover. Well there is now we’ve been into town to finally sort out a new bank account anyway. Aaand relax.

All things food wise are going ok though. We had a team lunch at the Italian across from work today, and while I didn’t exactly choose salad, I did at least resist chips and pudding. Snacking was non-existent too and tea was lazy, but reasonable. Success all round as far as I’m concerned.

So yes, tonight is a ‘knowing when to just sit down and stop’ sort of moment and I’m quite proud of myself for it.

That is all.

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And so Monday rolls around again (and I think that’s ok)

So I made it through my twelve days, just about, and have had a thoroughly chilled and enjoyable weekend 🙂

By 10am on Friday I was seriously questioning how I was going to get through the day, but will the help of Shell and Jess’ emails (and a sneaky pack of maltesers) I made it 🙂 I had a very quiet Friday evening and was in bed by 9.30 with a good book-blissful.

I’ve been quite busy over the weekend-shopping yesterday, Carine’s leaving party last night and lunch with Mum today, but I must admit I feel pretty good. I’ve even fitted in a couple of Wii Fit sessions and I think maybe they’ve actually helped rather than hindered, which is totally progress.

Tomorrow starts the eating better. I’m not going for full on dieting, but I am intended to snack much less and try and make my meals a bit healthier. This isn’t too bad at work, as being a healthcare company they’re very big on nutritionally balanced meals etc, plus they have lovely prepared fruit pots for the snacking purposes. The problem is inevitably when I come home. Phase one of not actually buying chocolate biscuits in the first place is in action, so I’m hoping that’ll be a good start! If I can just manage to not to stop off at Tesco on the way home and buy aaaaall the food then we might be ok!

So today is Sunday, tomorrow is Monday and I’m actually feeling ready to go back to work. A few months ago 12 days at work would have annihilated me, so I’m feeling pretty damn good about the way things are right now. Roll on next week though when I’ll have a nice 3 day week….!

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A Lesson Learnt (for now anyway)

ImageI am beginning to learn that this is the key to all things. Admittedly you’d have thought I might have worked this out by now, but I’m one of those people that if it’s pre 11pm it feels a bit wussy to go to bed. Six am starts are starting to prove me wrong.

So for the last week or so (or however long it’s been since my last post), I’ve been coming home, mooching around for a bit, having dinner, doing a bit of exercise (shock horror), showering and going to bed about 9.30ish. I can’t say as I wake up feeling any better as such – there is still snarling at the alarm and general non-coherence – but I am finding that I can now get through a day at work (and more importantly the drive home) without wanting to die. Progress!

On the less progressive front, the leg exercises are not going so well. My right leg is fine and thinks it can do all sorts of things. My left leg however throws a hissy fit everytime I try to even stand up. Even I have to admit that it might be time to go to the doctors about that but meh, one step at a time (so to speak).

Food and diet is next on my agenda to tackle, though as I want to tackle it from both a fibromyalgia point of view and a “dear god I need to lose weight” point of view, this is going to take some determination. I’m not even going to bother concentrating too much on it while in the middle of a twelve day week as I know it’s taking all my energy just to function, but after that I have no excuse and need to get started. On AJ’s advice I’m going to look into being referred to a dietician who specialises in ME/Fibro (if there’s one available locally), but in the meantime I’ve been doing good old internet research. I’m already resenting the many many websites that tell you that soya chocolate milkshake is the work of the devil, as that’s what I survive on for breakfast everyday! 😦 Tbh most of the sites concentrate so much on what to avoid that it makes it quite hard to work out what’s left to eat, let alone how to make an actual edible meal out of it :-/ Still, that is phase two of the “not being dead by Friday” plan, so I shall start looking into it properly once work drama is over.

So now it seems to be nearly half nine and based on everything I’ve just written, I should really be in bed. Night all! 🙂


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A change is afoot…probably.

So, there needs to be a change. I can tell I’m getting myself stuck in a bit of a rut again and I need to get out of it. The last week or so has been pretty bad in terms of lethargy and a complete inability to get things done. I’ve managed to come to work everyday, just, though some days have been pretty unbearable. The pain in my legs is quite bad and I don’t think I’ve felt “ok” for a good few days now. Tuesday was particularly bad, though there was no reason it should have been worse than any other day (aside from the fact that Tuesdays are pretty much the spawn of the devil as far as I’m concerned), so when I got home I fell asleep pretty much straight away and actually ended up sleeping til about 7.30ish. I woke up feeling pretty good and even managed to do a bit of exercise, have tea and then watch the F1 highlights before going to bed about 10.30ish. I had a good night’s sleep, but woke up the next day feeling just as bad, no worse, which I suppose is good, but certainly no better for the extra rest. And this is how the week has gone on – I’m getting home from work and could pretty much go to bed there and then and not get up til the next morning. Pretty fed up.

So a change needs to be made. Not quite sure what will make the difference yet, but something needs to break the cycle a little before I get so run down that it starts with the whole vicious circle thing of being meh, feeling tired, feeling more meh etc etc. I think we’ll start with baby steps, rather than anything too drastic! I know it only sounds little but first I’m just going to try and get home from work and shower straight away. That way it’s done for the evening (so I don’t get to about 10pm and think gaaah I still have to shower and wash my hair and all I want to do is sleep) plus it should wake me up a bit so I can actually function for the rest of the evening. So that will be the first step. Once I’ve managed to make myself do that for a week, we’ll see about what else needs changing.

Other than the lethargy, this week hasn’t been too bad. Needless to say after 4 lovely days off, it was a bit of a shock to go back to work on Monday morning, but with the exception of evil Tuesday, I’ve had quite a busy week. I’ve got almost a full day of training tomorrow and then it’ll suddenly be Saturday again 🙂

I have to make a conscious effort to relax this weekend. Next weekend is not only our housewarming, but it’s also when our new system goes live at work. Bad planning there since I will have to be in work at 6am on the Saturday and then probably again on the Sunday. I have forewarned them that I might not be all that useful on the Sunday, but I suspect I’ll be in anyway! So with that in mind, I plan on doing very little this weekend, with the exception of inevitable coffee and cake of course.

Just one more day to get through and then there will be aaaaall the snoozing 🙂

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