Musings and Snoozes

A change is afoot…probably.

on August 1, 2013

So, there needs to be a change. I can tell I’m getting myself stuck in a bit of a rut again and I need to get out of it. The last week or so has been pretty bad in terms of lethargy and a complete inability to get things done. I’ve managed to come to work everyday, just, though some days have been pretty unbearable. The pain in my legs is quite bad and I don’t think I’ve felt “ok” for a good few days now. Tuesday was particularly bad, though there was no reason it should have been worse than any other day (aside from the fact that Tuesdays are pretty much the spawn of the devil as far as I’m concerned), so when I got home I fell asleep pretty much straight away and actually ended up sleeping til about 7.30ish. I woke up feeling pretty good and even managed to do a bit of exercise, have tea and then watch the F1 highlights before going to bed about 10.30ish. I had a good night’s sleep, but woke up the next day feeling just as bad, no worse, which I suppose is good, but certainly no better for the extra rest. And this is how the week has gone on – I’m getting home from work and could pretty much go to bed there and then and not get up til the next morning. Pretty fed up.

So a change needs to be made. Not quite sure what will make the difference yet, but something needs to break the cycle a little before I get so run down that it starts with the whole vicious circle thing of being meh, feeling tired, feeling more meh etc etc. I think we’ll start with baby steps, rather than anything too drastic! I know it only sounds little but first I’m just going to try and get home from work and shower straight away. That way it’s done for the evening (so I don’t get to about 10pm and think gaaah I still have to shower and wash my hair and all I want to do is sleep) plus it should wake me up a bit so I can actually function for the rest of the evening. So that will be the first step. Once I’ve managed to make myself do that for a week, we’ll see about what else needs changing.

Other than the lethargy, this week hasn’t been too bad. Needless to say after 4 lovely days off, it was a bit of a shock to go back to work on Monday morning, but with the exception of evil Tuesday, I’ve had quite a busy week. I’ve got almost a full day of training tomorrow and then it’ll suddenly be Saturday again 🙂

I have to make a conscious effort to relax this weekend. Next weekend is not only our housewarming, but it’s also when our new system goes live at work. Bad planning there since I will have to be in work at 6am on the Saturday and then probably again on the Sunday. I have forewarned them that I might not be all that useful on the Sunday, but I suspect I’ll be in anyway! So with that in mind, I plan on doing very little this weekend, with the exception of inevitable coffee and cake of course.

Just one more day to get through and then there will be aaaaall the snoozing 🙂


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