Musings and Snoozes

A Lesson Learnt (for now anyway)

on August 7, 2013

ImageI am beginning to learn that this is the key to all things. Admittedly you’d have thought I might have worked this out by now, but I’m one of those people that if it’s pre 11pm it feels a bit wussy to go to bed. Six am starts are starting to prove me wrong.

So for the last week or so (or however long it’s been since my last post), I’ve been coming home, mooching around for a bit, having dinner, doing a bit of exercise (shock horror), showering and going to bed about 9.30ish. I can’t say as I wake up feeling any better as such – there is still snarling at the alarm and general non-coherence – but I am finding that I can now get through a day at work (and more importantly the drive home) without wanting to die. Progress!

On the less progressive front, the leg exercises are not going so well. My right leg is fine and thinks it can do all sorts of things. My left leg however throws a hissy fit everytime I try to even stand up. Even I have to admit that it might be time to go to the doctors about that but meh, one step at a time (so to speak).

Food and diet is next on my agenda to tackle, though as I want to tackle it from both a fibromyalgia point of view and a “dear god I need to lose weight” point of view, this is going to take some determination. I’m not even going to bother concentrating too much on it while in the middle of a twelve day week as I know it’s taking all my energy just to function, but after that I have no excuse and need to get started. On AJ’s advice I’m going to look into being referred to a dietician who specialises in ME/Fibro (if there’s one available locally), but in the meantime I’ve been doing good old internet research. I’m already resenting the many many websites that tell you that soya chocolate milkshake is the work of the devil, as that’s what I survive on for breakfast everyday! 😦 Tbh most of the sites concentrate so much on what to avoid that it makes it quite hard to work out what’s left to eat, let alone how to make an actual edible meal out of it :-/ Still, that is phase two of the “not being dead by Friday” plan, so I shall start looking into it properly once work drama is over.

So now it seems to be nearly half nine and based on everything I’ve just written, I should really be in bed. Night all! 🙂



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