Musings and Snoozes

Sniffle sniffle gone

on August 30, 2013


So the cold lasted approximately 48 hours. On Tuesday night I thought I was going to die. By Wednesday lunchtime it had gone. I’d like to think it was the mega amount of fruit I consumed in the space of about 6 hours, but I suspect it wasn’t. Still, it’s all gone and I am currently relaxing in Starbucks, before going home and attacking the house. Sadly our plan of the housewarming being an incentive to unpack didn’t quite work. Thankfully there are less people coming that first anticipated so I figure the odd box lying around will be fine 🙂

Work has been pretty good this week. Half our team have been on holiday so it’s been pretty quiet and I’ve spent half the time plugged into my kindle listening to music. The other half of the time I’ve been training the new girl. I feel pretty pleased to have been asked, given that I’ve only been there a few months and I hope this leads on to more training in the future as, providing they actually renew my contract in February, that’s what I’d like to do there. Fingers crossed 🙂

Energy wise, the cold got me down quite a bit and even yesterday I found that little things were tiring me out quite easily. I often forget that even once the cold or whatever it is has gone, it still takes me a few days to get back up to speed. I have managed to keep up with the Wii Fit though and for once I haven’t lived on a continuous diet of chocolate while being ill, so while I’m not losing huge amounts of weight, I’m also not putting it on, which is a start!

All in all I’m feeling pretty good and once the house is tidied, beds are made up, washing is done and food has been bought, I’ll be totally ready for this party. Or possibly a lie down in a dark room!


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