Musings and Snoozes

Paaaarrrtttyy! Now sleep.


So, there was a party. It was awesome. I may now be dead.

Friday was the most work we’ve done on the house since we moved in. Consequently it looks amazing now, but sadly by Friday night I couldn’t move, walk, think or remember my own name. I was slightly concerned that it might ruin the party somewhat, but no, I woke up yesterday feeling pretty ok. Party prep was done and people didn’t arrive til lunchtime and onwards, so it gave me chance to sit and chill a bit, before playing hostess.

And I think it’s safe to say it went pretty well. There was aaaaall the food, a hefty amount of drink, music, shisha cupcakes and sparkly lights. All in all a pretty chilled night that didn’t require too much effort on my part, aside from trying to stay awake!

Today has been spent recovering, ie alternating between sleep and grazing on left over food, whilst watching Netflix. Now I might just manage to throw myself in the shower and then it’s definitely bedtime!

General consensus-awesome fun, but I am definitely too old/pathetic for raucous all nighters!

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