Musings and Snoozes

Me and My Bed

on November 2, 2013


Jon often laughs at me when i get into bed because i make such happy sounding noises, but to someone with Fibro, bed is very important.

This week has not been a good week for getting up. I don’t know if it’s post holiday or just a bad week, but i haven’t made it out of bed much before 7 all week, which given that i usually leave at seven to start work at half past, isn’t ideal. Consequently getting into bed again each night has been blissful, and i think it’s important to consciously recognise this.

Hence the happy noises. As i collapse into bed each night i can instantly relax and know that that’s it for the day. I’ve finally reached that point that at seven am that morning, i thought would never come. And so i try to relish this, to try and make my body appreciate it and to try and remind myself to think about this moment when the alarm is going off the next morning, so i know it will come round again.

Sadly, due to the lack of getting a refreshing night’s sleep no matter what time i go to bed, nor how many tablets I take, it doesn’t actually make seven am any easier. Each morning is the same battle and the same frustration, but for those few moments each night I can at least savour the thought that I’ve made it through another day, and reward myself with the bliss that my comfy bed brings. Happiness is.


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