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Two Birds, One Stone

on March 3, 2014

I’ve been lacking in both energy and motivation to update this recently, so it’s time for a fresh start.

So, along comes #100happydays. I’ve kept seeing it pop up all over social media and I just assumed it was another random fad, but having looked into it a bit more, it actually seems like the perfect idea. I suspect most people already know what it is by now, but in case you don’t here’s a little link.

I’m hoping that my little happy moments will both remind me how, even when life seems full of fibro, there are still lots of high points, and also to inspire me to write a little bit about what it is and why it’s important.

So here goes, today’s #100happydays :


It was a tough choice between these and my new (and beautiful Docs), but as I got to use these for the first time today, they won out.

It may seem a little materialistic to start off with new shopping purchases (I’m sure the idea behind these happy moments was supposed to be seeing beauty on a rainy day or something), but sometimes it’s the shop-bought things that bring happiness! These in particular for me because they’re little changes I’ve had to make due to my fibro. It seems that having fibromyalgia and a rather heavy one strap handbag PLUS an even heavier laptop bag do not go well together. My somewhat agonising back pain is testament to this. So, with a bit of nagging from Mum, I went looking for a backpack and a friendlier laptop bag. I found many dull and boring ones, but thankfully Paperchase didn’t let me down,  and so some amount of money later, here are my beautiful new purchases. I cannot tell you how much easier these made getting to work. Just because I drive doesn’t mean I haven’t crippled myself just getting to the car before, or on some very bad days, just picking my bags up in the house.

So while today has been all kinds of brain fuzz and some amount of leg pain, it has been brightened by the feeling of being able to carry my bags around without wincing. In testament to how much of an impact this has had, I was in such a good mood that *shock horror* I came home and cleaned out my car! Two bin bags and one full hoover later, I am now looking forward to putting my nice new things on my nice clean seat tomorrow morning. It is, as they say, the little things 🙂


One response to “Two Birds, One Stone

  1. John Craythorne says:

    Not Easy for you I know but positive thoughts bring positive actions. I have a very good friend who has had Fibromyalgia for quite a few years now and has just discovered Astronomy as a new hobby. you know how painful it is for any movement but he is determined to find ways to look through his new telescope at the wonders of the night sky. He is always so positive and I’m sure it helps him get through the pain.
    Enjoy every day of your 100 happy days they will prepare you for the next 100 HAPPY days.
    Thinking of you

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