Musings and Snoozes

Beautiful Boots (blister, blister, ow)

on March 7, 2014

Beautiful Docs were purchased on Sunday and they had their first outing today 😀 The usual back of the ankle blisters are there in full force, but that’s to be expected, and anyway plasters totally fix that.

Aside from the excitement of Docs, I’ve had an ok day. I managed to almost make it into work on time (possibly down to some 70mph speeding but shush), and more importantly I’ve managed to stay awake. At the same time though I’ve been flighty and restless, which does not make for a productive workday, and did actually get so sidetracked by something shiny at lunch time that I nearly crashed my car. Oops.

So yeh, I’m pretty fed up with this up and down malarkey, but then at the same time I was pretty fed up of being flat and meh on the amitriptyline, so I suppose I just can’t win! It’s just frustrating not knowing how I’m going to wake up, whether it’s going to be a day where I can’t do anything or a day where I’m high as a kite. Given that the high as a kite doesn’t actually come with that much more physical energy than the sleepy, it’s not like it even has that much of an advantage! But hey, I suppose being slightly unproductive is frowned upon less than falling asleep at your desk.

Still, home now, it’s the weekend, and I have beautiful Docs. Did I mention those? 😀

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