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This is it. Totally for my own good. Totally.

on June 28, 2014

ImageThis is totally why I’m having a box of Matchmakers for tea. Let’s ignore that fact that I only bought them this afternoon and that I’m actually too lazy to make dinner, it’s totally for own good and healthy eating plans. Probably.

That said, I am joining a gym tomorrow. With my new hours kicking in at work at the end of the month (more about that later) I’ve finally run out of excuses of why I can’t possibly do any exercise. So tomorrow morning I’m off to the Rye to go have an early (ish) morning swim and sign up. Then I just have to remember to go, though I’m hoping that at £40 a month that can be an incentive! It is more expensive than I was originally willing to pay, but I think it’ll be worth it for the fact that I can swim in the lovely outdoor pool afterwards, it’s not next to Starbucks, and they do some cool looking yoga classes. Here’s hoping 🙂

So, the new hours! The new hours are part of a new role that came up at work which is covering the US Customer Care team. As they’re based in Piscataway currently, they’re five hours behind which make my new hours 1.30-10pm. Everyone else seems to think this is terrible, but I’m pretty sure it’ll suit me down to the ground. Firstly I get to not have to wake up at 6am everyday and struggle out of bed. Now equally I need to try not to sleep in until midday either, but it will at least give me a chance to come to at my own pace and have a bit of chill time before heading to work. Secondly it should hopefully be good to break the cycle of “struggle to get up, struggle to get through work, come home, fall asleep, wake up for dinner, go to bed. Rinse repeat”. Thirdly it gives me a chance to do all the boring mundane stuff like doctors, hospital, dentist etc outside of work hours. Not to mention mid-morning coffee and cake (y’know, when I’m not at the gym). Finally, it’s a bloody good opportunity at work. I get a whole new team to work with, I get to train them cos it’s entirely made up of newbies, and then *hopefully* it might get me a promotion at the end of it if it all goes well. Plus it involves a week in the US. Woo!!

Talking of which, I am a tad apprehensive of how a week in the US, jet lag and fibro all go together, but I am totally willing to give it a go! I get two days in New York with Tess, which will be bloody amazing, plus she has no qualms about leaving me to collapse in a heap when I’m too tired to move. It’s then just the following four days in the US office that I have to worry about. I’m going out there with my new boss, who knows nothing about me or my fibro, so I’m just hoping that either I survive ok or she’s nice enough to talk to! I have at least managed to score myself a day off on the final Friday of the trip, so I fully intend to spend the entire day in the hotel’s pool and jacuzzi. Bliss!

So it’s all looking new and exciting right now. I’m slightly knackered at the thought of it all, but then I’m slightly knackered at the thought of most things, so no change there!


2 responses to “This is it. Totally for my own good. Totally.

  1. Alison gasior says:

    How come Jonathan never gets a mention in these any more hun?

    Trouble in paradise? Lol

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