Musings and Snoozes

Yeah! Go me!


I did in fact do more than just get out of bed this weekend, which given the point I’d reached by Friday, is nothing short of a miracle. 

Waking up, let alone getting up, on Friday was an issue. I eventually managed to roll out of bed just before 8, hoped that the outfit I’d decided on wearing to work looked as good on as it did in my head, and blearily ventured out the house. Then Bug’s tyre went boom. Oops. I felt a bit of a girly wuss ringing Jon to rescue me, but given that Copens aren’t known for their spare tyre capacity and the puncture repair kit was useless by this stage, there wasn’t much else I could do. Luckily I’d got Bug off the road and parked on a street, so he was rescued after work and is now awaiting the nice tyre man tomorrow.

Coupled with all this excitement was the fact that I’d been off my meds for approximately 3 weeks by this point. This does not make for a clear headed, fully functioning lizard. By lunchtime I’d dropped approximately everything more than once and fallen over three times. Pleasant. Thankfully my prescription was signed off and I was able to go pick up the much needed drugs at lunchtime (not before dropping my phone twice in the chemists).

You’d think at this point things would improve. Nope. The downside of being off meds for three weeks is that you essentially get all the side effects from the very beginning when you do start taking them again. Cue uncontrollable yawning, sleepiness to the point of near narcolepsy, followed by being mega alert and then finally being on the brink of throwing up for about four hours. Ugh.

Still, I survived the day and was rewarded with the best lie in ever on Saturday, not getting up til 2pm. Bliss! I then spent the following 3 hours in my pyjamas, reading my book. Eventually I gathered up the energy to dye my hair pink, and then headed off to be social in the sunshine with Mike, Penny and Graeme. All in all, a perfect lizardy day.

And then came Saturday night. Sadly the aforementioned side effects include muscle twitches and a general feeling of having an electric current running through my arms and legs, which needless to say, does not result in a good night’s sleep. By 3am I was pretty fed up and by 6am, I was just starting to drop off. Sadly that only lasted until about 8, when I gave up completely.

Bizarrely though, today has been a pretty productive and semi energetic day. I’ve baked, cleaned, tidied, shopped and gardened (by which I mean hacked at brambles). Admittedly I’m tired and my ankles are being particularly useless at doing their job, but other that, I feel surprisingly ok.

And this is the thing that frustrates me most about trying to manage my fibro-sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason for feeling good or bad. I can have a really bad day when I’ve slept well and rested, yet have an awesome day on sleep dep. I never seem to have any warning about what sort of a day it’ll be, so I have to just take each day as it comes (not particularly useful when you’re trying to plan things or want a social life).

So yay me, I got out of bed this morning, just like I do almost every morning, so I guess I’ll settle for congratulating myself on that for now.

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American Adventures!



So, my week in the US is coming to an end and it seemed a good time to look back over quite how I’m still alive and mobile and awake at the end of it all! 

I’ll be honest, I am feeling a million times better than I either expected or deserve to be! I’ve spent 2 full days in New York, 4 days on my best behaviour in the US office, and then every evening either going out or at least being social, including an evening’s shopping in NY again. On top of this, I haven’t had my tablets with me because in a spectacular moment of brain fuzz, I miscalculated what I had left and promptly ran out on Saturday. Oops.

But despite all of that, I am actually ok. In fact, I feel pretty damn good (aside from tingly limbs, muscle spasms and slightly annihilated feet from all the walking). It’s sometimes good to push my limits and see what I am capable of when I put my mind to it. Admittedly I haven’t had to come home from work everyday and cook tea or do any housework etc, which helps massively, but even so I’m feeling pretty pleased with the way I’ve managed this week. I’ve not only survived, but I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve worked hard, played hard, and had a thoroughly amazing time. 

Tonight I have taken advantage of some free time and ordered room service, put on my pjs and danced around my frankly huge room to my New York playlist. Bliss. Tomorrow I will work from the hotel, rather than go into the office for the morning, and then it’s the long flight back across the pond. I can’t say as I’m massively looking forward to it, but I’ll be glad to get home to friends, family and most importantly, my bed 😉