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American Adventures!

on July 18, 2014



So, my week in the US is coming to an end and it seemed a good time to look back over quite how I’m still alive and mobile and awake at the end of it all! 

I’ll be honest, I am feeling a million times better than I either expected or deserve to be! I’ve spent 2 full days in New York, 4 days on my best behaviour in the US office, and then every evening either going out or at least being social, including an evening’s shopping in NY again. On top of this, I haven’t had my tablets with me because in a spectacular moment of brain fuzz, I miscalculated what I had left and promptly ran out on Saturday. Oops.

But despite all of that, I am actually ok. In fact, I feel pretty damn good (aside from tingly limbs, muscle spasms and slightly annihilated feet from all the walking). It’s sometimes good to push my limits and see what I am capable of when I put my mind to it. Admittedly I haven’t had to come home from work everyday and cook tea or do any housework etc, which helps massively, but even so I’m feeling pretty pleased with the way I’ve managed this week. I’ve not only survived, but I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve worked hard, played hard, and had a thoroughly amazing time. 

Tonight I have taken advantage of some free time and ordered room service, put on my pjs and danced around my frankly huge room to my New York playlist. Bliss. Tomorrow I will work from the hotel, rather than go into the office for the morning, and then it’s the long flight back across the pond. I can’t say as I’m massively looking forward to it, but I’ll be glad to get home to friends, family and most importantly, my bed 😉 


2 responses to “American Adventures!

  1. Carole Lunsford says:

    It has to be the pancakes that did it! So glad you had a good week 🙂

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