Musings and Snoozes

Mopey mopey mope

on August 18, 2014


Moving, thinking, sleeping, talking, they’re all proving tricksy at the moment.

The sleep situation is improving slowly, but I’m not getting more than 3-4 hours a night. Consequently when I wake up I find I can’t physically get up and so I end up staying in bed half the day. If I thought it were doing any good I wouldn’t mind, but I can’t say as I feel any better for it. Plus I am utterly failing at getting anything productive done, such as cooking, cleaning, paperwork etc, so essentially I’m just doing a lot of fuzzy moping.

Coupled with this my aches and pains are changing and becoming more shooting than dull. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, probably related to the lack of sleep, but if not then it’s another thing to add to the list for my next hospital appointment *sigh*

On the plus side though, I did manage to venture out to Coombe Hill yesterday. It’s not much, but it’s the most amount of fresh air and nature I’ve had in a while! Plus there was an ice cream van at the end of it (because y’know, ice cream, lactose intolerant, totally fine). So I take these little pleasures where I can 🙂

One more day of holiday left before heading back to work on Wednesday. I’m hoping for sleep tonight, then I can get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and actually do something with my day! Failing that so long as I’m up in time for dinner with Tess then I’ll call it a success.

In the meantime though, I’ll continue moping because some days, I just don’t want to move it move it.


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