Musings and Snoozes

Parties, sleeping and being pretty damn awesome

on August 31, 2014


The hangover is gone and now I’m just waiting for the fibro part to kick in. I’m pretty sure I won’t get away with hours of drinking and dancing, not to mention falling over, without some sort of come back, but so far so good it seems. Considering I’m not generally one for work parties, I seem to have excelled myself on Friday and actually had a pretty good time. Work events are always interesting – they seem to be a general mix of finding out things you probably weren’t meant to know, while simultaneously trying not to say something you’ll regret come Monday morning. I’d like to think I did ok, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little part of me that’s rather relieved it’s Labour Day tomorrow and therefore I won’t be in the office!

In other news, sleep is still not my friend, or rather it is between the hours of about 6am and midday, which isn’t ideal. I’m still trying to hold out for my hospital appointment at the end of September, rather than go pester my doctor as I’m pretty sure my medication needs reviewing anyway, but I’ll admit I’m rapidly losing patience. I’m just grateful for the US hours at the moment so I can at least get some sleep, rather than trying to get through a whole day’s work on sleep dep. On the plus side, the pain levels have been pretty good recently, so it’s only fog and fatigue I’m contending with. I can do one or the other, it’s when they both appear at the same time I’m in trouble.

That said, I had a pretty good chat with a friend who knows all about fibro and we decided that sometimes we need to take a step back and realise that actually, we’re kinda amazing. It’s easy to give in to being ill or to let it become an excuse for not living life to the full and don’t get me wrong, we can all have self indulgent days, but overall I can honestly say that I don’t let being ill stop me doing much. Sometimes admittedly maybe I should – knowing my limits is not my strong point after all – but equally I’ve gotten myself to a pretty good place in life and I’ve done it all while wanting to sleep almost constantly and chew painkillers by the packet load! So I think that’s probably worth a little bit of celebration. Nothing too energetic obviously, maybe just a slice of cake 😉


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