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A mini fibro challenge – Part 2

Going from head to toe, name each part of your body, how your illness affects it, and also what you like about that body part.

Clearly a day late with this and it’s only day 2. Oh well!

Face – more specifically my sinuses. This one is due to Sjorgrens, rather than fibro, and is autoimmune. In my case my white blood cells attack all my moisture producing glands throughout my body, causing me no end of issues. One of which is a susceptibility to sinusitis if I’m not careful. I avoid this by trying to remember to drink a shit-tonne of water, but the downside to that is spending my life tied to the toilet, so I can’t say as I always manage it and when I don’t, boom, sinus issues and a very painful face.

Something I like – this is actually trickier than I thought as nothing stands out to me! That’s not to say I don’t like my face, I do, but I like it as a whole. So yeh, let’s go with that, I like the way my face fits! 🙂

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A mini fibro challenge – Part 1

I’ve seen various versions of 10 day/30 day fibro related challenges around the Internet and I may give one a go at some point, but there’s one question that sticks out because it’s something that someone did actually once ask me. So I thought rather than do the whole challenge, I’m just going to concentrate on this one question and split it over multiple blog entries (so as to not bore you all in one go)!

So here’s the question, followed by answer part one:

Going from head to toe, name each part of your body, how your illness affects it, and also what you like about that body part.

Head – the obvious one here is headaches. I get headaches for many different reasons; stress, dehydration, hunger, eating too many jaffa cakes…. , but I also get them as a sign of having pushed myself too far. It’s one of the first signs for me to take a step back and slow down. Sadly once I’ve got a headache, I find it extremely difficult to get rid of it without positively overdosing on cocodamol. I’ve always been jealous of Jon who can sleep off migraines. If I try that I just wake up with a headache twice as bad.
As for what I like… Well it’s my head, not sure what I can say. My hair? I do love my home cut and coloured hair. No matter how down and fed up I get, I can always change my hair to cheer me up 🙂

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My life doesn’t get more exciting than this!


My face hurts. This is new.

I have no idea if I’m ill, having a fibro flare, or if it’s autoimmune. Whichever one it is, it’s left me off work for two days and mostly huddled under a blanket, feeling like I have flu. My joints hurt, my skin hurts, and now my face hurts. Which is a new and exciting symptom to contend with.

Still, I’m going to cheer myself up with copious amounts of Ribena and a trip to see Fifty Shades. Don’t tell me you’re not jealous 😉

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Here, have a rant instead!

So in the absence of an actual fibro related post, I’m going to cross post from my other blog. The two rarely meet due to their somewhat differing subject matter, but as this is topical right know, it seemed like a good idea to rant.

I’ll be honest, I’ve kept quiet about this subject up until now. I didn’t really see the point of joining in the argument, given that my overriding opinion on most things in literature is if you don’t like it, just don’t read it. However, with the release of the film due any day now (yes, you’ve probably worked out where I’m going with this) my tumblr feed had been overflowing with posts on what an outrage Fifty Shades is, the abusive behaviour of a certain Christian Grey, and how it’s such an utterly unrealistic portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle.

And that there is my problem. Last time I checked fiction was exactly that; not real, made up, imagined, a fantasy of some sort. There must be a million other books out there, all made up, all the product of the author’s imagination, and all probably as equally badly written, but they don’t get so publicly flogged (excuse the pun). So just because this one happens to deal with a topic that we as a society aren’t particularly comfortable with, we have to find ways to attack it instead.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the writing here, (it’s pretty bloody awful), I’m not defending the questionable abusive behaviour going on (really Anastasia, tell him to go fuck himself when he won’t let you see your friends), nor am I suggesting that anyone who’s ever considered a slightly kinkier sex life should take the book as an instruction manual and go out and buy up the local diy store, BUT, it’s just a book! Not only that but it’s a self proclaimed bit of glorified fanfic, a pure and utter fantasy. As far as I know it was never written to be a social commentary or a lifestyle that women should strive for, so why are we treating it so? I’d be more worried if it were the author herself going round telling all women they should be submissive slaves to their rich husbands, and god knows there are a frightening number of preaching women out there who do believe this, but instead she’s just written a book full of smutty sex scenes with a bit of romantic subplot thrown in and made a metric fuck ton of money out of it. Good for her! She’s even made the general public actually talk about kinky fuckery and to be honest, if it makes one more couple open up to each other and decide that actually nipple clamps might be quite fun, then I reckon that’s a bonus.

So here’s to Fifty Shades of Grey, in all its badly written glory. Try and keep it in perspective people and if you don’t like it, just go and buy a nice Mills and Boon, eh?

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