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A mini fibro challenge – Part 1

on February 15, 2015

I’ve seen various versions of 10 day/30 day fibro related challenges around the Internet and I may give one a go at some point, but there’s one question that sticks out because it’s something that someone did actually once ask me. So I thought rather than do the whole challenge, I’m just going to concentrate on this one question and split it over multiple blog entries (so as to not bore you all in one go)!

So here’s the question, followed by answer part one:

Going from head to toe, name each part of your body, how your illness affects it, and also what you like about that body part.

Head – the obvious one here is headaches. I get headaches for many different reasons; stress, dehydration, hunger, eating too many jaffa cakes…. , but I also get them as a sign of having pushed myself too far. It’s one of the first signs for me to take a step back and slow down. Sadly once I’ve got a headache, I find it extremely difficult to get rid of it without positively overdosing on cocodamol. I’ve always been jealous of Jon who can sleep off migraines. If I try that I just wake up with a headache twice as bad.
As for what I like… Well it’s my head, not sure what I can say. My hair? I do love my home cut and coloured hair. No matter how down and fed up I get, I can always change my hair to cheer me up 🙂


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