Musings and Snoozes

My chronically ill heroine ♥

on May 13, 2015


In the absence of any productive blogging on my part, you should all go read Juliette Wills’ Blog Even better, go buy her book. I read it every time I need to remember that a) things could be worse,  b) that someone else just “gets” it, and c) that there is someone out there who puts even my mad moments to shame!

Seriously though, for anyone who wants a fantastically accurate, and more importantly very funny, insight into what it’s like to look “normal” on the outside, but feel like death on the inside, then this is the book to read.

I don’t use the word inspirational very often, it’s clichéd and overrated, but this woman is an utter inspiration to me on my good days and my bad. She is amazing. And she loves llamas and rockabilly. End of.


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