Musings and Snoozes

The best laid plans

on May 16, 2015


So I was totally getting up before 9 this morning. Totally. Sadly by 10.30 I hadn’t moved a muscle. Thankfully I don’t have anywhere to be until early evening, so the fact that it takes me the best part of an hour to convince my hips and back that they’d really like to move sometime before Christmas, didn’t matter. I showered, shaved my legs, and threw hair dye at my head. I’ve been on the sofa ever since.

Thankfully pooch seems to be having a sympathy day with me and has shown  precisely no sign of moving herself off the sun-beamed chair. Seriously, if ever there was a fibro-friendly dog, it’s this one. We’re actually looking at getting her registered as a therapy dog – she’s provided so much help for me that I’d like to share the love.

I have an hour and a half before dinner. Time to burrow out of the blanket fort and make the pooch move. 1…..2…..3…. 🐾

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