Musings and Snoozes

Flare ups and flouncing (a lack of the latter due to the former)

on May 17, 2015


If I wasn’t collapsed on the sofa, I’d be having a good old flounce about feeling so rubbish.

I’ve had a lovely weekend – I rested all of yesterday, went out for a meal and to the theatre last night (admittedly not resting, but relaxing all the same), and then today was Bella’s big day at HULA. Everyone was very pleased to see her, not to mention impressed by how slimline she’s looking these days, but by  the end of the day a headache (and subsequent pain) were starting to set in.

I’m now back home and curled up with pooch. I’ve had the hottest bath known to man (despite running a temperature – pretty unknown for me) and I’m generally feeling miffed that my body chooses now to flare up. I’ve had a lovely holiday, I’m due back at work tomorrow, and I have a list of a million things I really want to get done, but can’t because it’s too painful.

I don’t often get full on mopey about being ill, in fact I like to think I keep pretty damn upbeat (and stubborn), but for once I’m pissed off, fed up and generally a bit ready to shut the world out and cry. I probably won’t (crying will make my head worse) but if you need me, me, pooch, and a large packet of doritos will be here on the couch. I’ll be the one scowling.


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