Musings and Snoozes

Just keep swimming

on May 19, 2015


Well I’ve made it through two days at work without collapsing (it was a close call yesterday) and now I have two days off thank god.

I think I need to remember that going on holiday generally leads to getting ill. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I went away and didn’t come back having caught some sort of bug. I don’t know if it’s because as soon as I’m out of my usual bubble of friends and family my body just decides to go into meltdown, or if it’s just bad luck, but in future I’m just going to pre-empt it and assume I’ll be ill and take the subsequent time off work! As if enough things don’t make me sick as it is, even nice things like holidays are out to get me.

On the positive side though, I have once again proved that I can battle my way through feeling like death when I need to. There were two reasons I went to work yesterday – one, to hug Claire and two, to have lunch with Tess and Max. They are the best reasons to get out of bed in a morning and fight my way through the pain and fog – if I’m going to have to get through the less fun parts of the day then I’m damn well going to make the most of the good bits. So I got through it, seeing everyone after a week off cheered me up, and come 10pm when I finished (US hours, remember) I was actually feeling much better, if not utterly knackered.

Between amazing friends, bloody awesome family, and the cutest pooch around, I always have a reason to keep going, even when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and hide away. I’m a lucky, if not somewhat fuzzy, pain-filled, Lizard.


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