Musings and Snoozes

“It’ll be almost fine…. Probably”

on May 22, 2015


Because realising it’s not actually 30° outside and that you’ve in fact just got a raging temperature is totally fine. As is being unable to stand up straight, walk without holding onto things, or being able to answer the question “would you like a drink?” without nearly passing out with the amount of brain cells you’re using.

So yeh, I totally got this.

To be fair to myself, I felt *almost* this bad *before* I decided to attack the garden last night, so it’s not entirely my own fault. And on the plus side I now have an unexpected three day weekend, during which I plan to do nothing more strenuous than eating cake and alcoholic sorbet. And everyone knows that both of those things will fix me far more efficiently than the 75 pills I’m currently taking.

So really, it’s fine. Nothing to see here….

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