Musings and Snoozes

Just a blip, nothing to see here

on June 1, 2015


So I gave in and had a bit of a cry this evening. It takes a lot to make me cry about myself. Sad movies, animal cruelty, random acts of kindness…I’ll cry at the drop of a hat at any of them, but I don’t do crying for me very often.

It was of course all instigated by Jon being the amazing husband that he is and offering to go out to buy me medically required jelly, bacon, and croissants. First it was “Oh you’re so lovely” tears and then it was “this is shit,  I shouldn’t be in this much pain and I shouldn’t need looking after at 28” angry tears. But I do feel better for it. Still angry, but slightly lighter.

So I’ve taken some mega painkillers (the dihydrocodeine that I hate), the pooch is sat with me, I’ve spoken to my mum, and the husband is on his way with my supplies. I am bloody lucky. It might be shit and it may be unfair, but not everyone gets croissants and jelly delivered on request.


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