Musings and Snoozes

Here for the pooch love

on January 7, 2016


Jess came round tonight to see pooch (Jon and I were incidental I think). She has just about recovered from smooches, cuddles, and high pitched love, and is now lying on her chair, looking slightly bemused. The pooch I mean, not Jess.

Sometimes it’s nice to do social after work. It doesn’t happen much – snoozing under a blanket usually takes priority – but it made a pretty good change and it’s always nice to remind myself that actually I am capable of functioning outside of work sometimes! I spend so much of my working day trying to stay upright and with it that I think I just crash with relief when I get home!

So yay for lovely friends who remind me that I am a sociable creature and that actually, a bit of extra company is pretty damn good. Even if she was only here for the pooch. Obviously.


One response to “Here for the pooch love

  1. justjess:) says:

    That picture so looks like me 😍

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