Musings and Snoozes

Who turned the lights off?

on January 10, 2016


So I know it’s after midnight, but I haven’t gone to bed yet so this totally counts as day 9.

I’ve kind of missed daylight today. Clearly a full week at work for the first time in a few weeks was too much for me and I slept til nearly 2. I then lay on the sofa listening to some music and next thing I know it’s gone 4. Oh well, daylight’s overrated anyway, right?

I did however eventually make it upright  and out the door for some much needed coffee, and to finally go food shopping, since the house consisted of some slightly dubious looking bananas and not much else. Thanks to the wonders of Waitrose vouchers bought with work awards (yay) we can now eat for the rest of the month.

So now it’s 1am, I’m wide awake, watching Tattoo Fixers, and thinking about cutting up the Christmas tree. Obviously.


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