Musings and Snoozes

A walk in the woods

on January 10, 2016


I’ve had a pretty good day today, in contrast to doing very little yesterday. It’s admittedly involved quite a lot of coffee and cake (well gluten free crepes to be precise), but we also went for a nice long walk in the woods with Bella.

Six months ago I couldn’t have walked as far as I did without being in pain. In fact if I’m honest, walking from one end of the car park to the other was enough to make me ache, but today was lovely. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t walk for miles and miles, but we did go further than I’ve been able to manage in a long time. I felt some twinges towards the end and I’ve needed a very hot shower to make sure I don’t seize up, but I’m thoroughly enjoying being just the right amount of tired to know I’ll sleep tonight.

It’s times like this that make all the small changes I’ve been making really noticeable. I can’t pretend like my diet is perfect, especially after the shed loads of chocolate I consumed over Christmas, but it is better than it was, and having fallen off the wagon a couple of times with the gluten, I can very much see and feel the difference. Couple that with some regular exercise, better meds management (ie remembering to take them), and finally starting to put pacing into practice, and I do think I might just be getting somewhere and it’s a really lovely feeling.


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