Musings and Snoozes

Two days for the price of one

on January 13, 2016

So day 12 and I forgot to post. Oops! It was a genuine mistake, not laziness, I promise! So I’ll make today’s extra special. Or long. Or something. Here’s a pretty picture to start us off.


In addition to my Pinterest addiction, I’m currently hooked on the TV show, Tattoo Fixers. Obviously it fuels my love of tattoos and all things artwork, but it also fascinates me just how many people get tattoos that they regret. I vaguely understand the ones that people grow out of, or even the ex’s names (though I can’t say as it’s ever appealed), but the sheer amount of people’s stories who start with “well I was on holiday with my mates and we were trashed….”. Really ?! Did not even one of your mates point out that getting that penis on your arm was not a good idea?! I’d like to think that drunk or otherwise, at least one of my friends might just go and get me a Sharpie and sit me in a corner quietly.

Anyway, I do actually love watching the programme, despite the above rant, because of the amazing cover ups and artwork the guys come up with as well. It’s fab to see people come out so pleased with their new ink – you can visibly see how much happier they are, how confident they are because of their new addition to their body.

And that’s what I get and why I love tattoos so much. If it were left to me and I won the lottery, I’d have several more than I do already, because I love how confident they make me. None of mine are particularly deep and meaningful, though they all have their reasons, but it’s the way they make me feel that’s important. From the moment I got my first moon on my back, I knew something had changed and while it took me seven years to get round to the next one, I knew there would be a next one! Essentially they make me feel more “me”, more confident about who I am, and actually more comfortable about my body.

Now the latter, as I learnt in my last lot of tattoo planning, does depend on where the tattoo is going. My shoulder tattoos were originally intended to go all the way down my side, from underarm to hip, before I realised that no amount of beautiful artwork was going to make me love my muffin top and huge hips. So this body confident thing does have its limits! But well placed and pretty artwork goes a long way towards making me proud of who I am, and I hope to continue that over the years.

Yes I’ll be old one day, but I’ll be old, confident, and inevitably covered in thermal clothes and an electric blanket anyway, so at least I’ll be happy 🙂


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