Musings and Snoozes

Time for tea

on January 17, 2016


There is very little better in this world than afternoon tea. There’s something so satisfying about the stands of cake and sandwiches, and all the teapots lined up. I think it’s one of those little British things that makes me proud.

And that’s how I’ve spent my afternoon – celebrating mum in law’s birthday with tea and cake. It’s clearly taken it right out of me as I’ve spent the last two hours fast asleep on the sofa – oops!

So short and sweet though this may be, I’m going to leave it here and take myself off to bed. More substantial posting to follow tomorrow, probably!


2 responses to “Time for tea

  1. Hello Laura – Tea is also one of my greatest pleasures. I feel that I enjoy it and appreciate it more and more. There is so much to take in – from the sight of a beautiful tea cup, tin, teapot, tray, the hot water steam and the tea itself, to the perfume of the leaves, the sound of tea being poured, and then savouring its taste. On a cold winter’s day or evening, the feeling of a hot cup of tea warming one’s insides also feels so nurturing.

  2. pinkiebag says:

    Enjoying a lovely afternoon tea is one of life’s nice treats. It nice to be able to be able to take time to sample some fantastic tea with friends and family. Oh and enjoy those lovely sandwiches and cakes.

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