Musings and Snoozes

Work, curry, friends, bliss 💕

on January 22, 2016


Sometimes things finally come together when you least expect it.

I’ve had a strange day. I woke up, snoozed through my alarm, panicked, showered, packed god knows what for coming to Shell’s (three pairs of pants, dry shampoo, and some tinsel it seems) and then headed off to work, running extremely late and being generally quite snoozy.

Got to work, inhaled coffee (one day they’ll just put a drip next to my desk… one day), remembered I had a tcon I’d completely forgotten about, and generally flailed around a bit.

The day thankfully improved from there. The forgotten tcon was actually quite good, the meeting later on in the day with our CEO was even better, and by the time 5pm rolled round, I was in a thoroughly good mood.

Much fun was had during dinner, my drive up here afterwards was pretty easy, and now I’m curled up in bed at Shell’s and thoroughly looking forward to this weekend.

It’s only taken a week to snap out of it, but I do believe I might be back to what passes for normal. Happy weekend guys 🙂


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